DI Keen Investigates: Murder Mystery Series by William Foster

In the mood for a gritty, suspenseful mystery series that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final chapter? Look no further than the DI Keen Investigates series by author William Foster. A Very Polite Murder A Very Polite Murder is William Foster’s debut novel and the first of the DI Keen Investigates series. This dark and twisted thriller novel explores a serial killer’s descent into crime while also reflecting on the effects these actions have on victims. DI Keen’s invest... [Read More...]

Spies, Assassins and the Mossad: Thrillers by Leonard Di Gregorio

Meet former spy Moshe Kaplan. He just wants to live out a quiet, peaceful retirement but he keeps getting pulled back into covert operations to stop a terrorist or otherwise sinister plots. As a former agent of the Mossad (the Israeli intelligence service), Kaplan is a trained assassin and is sometimes hunted by other assassins. If you’re a fan of spy fiction, you might like Leonard Di Gregorio Moshe Kaplan thriller series for the true-to-life details and heart-racing storylines. Here are more... [Read More...]

Codename Poltergeist

Fans of spy novels and political thrillers might like this entertaining novel that blends in a dash of the paranormal. Codename Poltergeist by William Joel features many familiar thriller tropes – conspiracies on Capitol Hill, CIA, local lawmen at loggerheads, and a hero who finds his world is no longer quite home. This last is quite literal – our hard-boiled hero James Halyard (whose codename is Poltergeist) is from a race of angelic-type beings (possible aliens) who monitor the Earth. Afte... [Read More...]

Crush, an Erotic Thriller that Exposes the Secret Life of Katty

Some of us have two sides that define who we truly are as a person. Our  public identity, the life, and character that we show to family, coworkers, and neighbors. And then there is the shadow identity that we live out in secret…but what happens when the secret shadow identity becomes threatened with exposure? Welcome to the erotic mystery, Crush by author Jitka Moody. As the reader, you are welcomed into the world of Crush as you observe the heroine of the story, Katty, preparing herself m... [Read More...]

Exploring the Lives of Others: Books by M. Barrett Miller

Lifelong traveler and author M. Barrett Miller has visited dozens of countries and met fascinating people from all over the world. Inspired by the unique characters he has met and the obstacles they have overcome, Miller decided to write two memoirs about these individuals. As a history enthusiast, Miller also wrote a series of fictional thrillers inspired by the real-life histories of different countries. If you’re passionate about helping others and hearing new perspectives, you’ll want to... [Read More...]

The Adventures of Arsène Lupin: Collected Short Stories

If you love vintage mysteries, the Arsène Lupin series needs to be added to your personal library. The intriguing character of Arsène Lupin was originally introduced in 1905 by Maurice Leblanc, a French author. The short stories of the character’s adventures and escapades have survived for over a century, recently inspiring an original series on Netflix called Lupin. Alison Kuen, an author and avid fan of the Lupin series, wanted to learn more about the history of the character depicted in ... [Read More...]

The Agnes Taylor Mystery Series: Compelling Whodunit Stories

If you’re a fan of mystery writers like Agatha Christie and Louise Penny, you’ll love Eva Bernhard’s traditional style of storytelling. Bernhard was inspired by the works of Agatha Christie with their gripping narratives and balance between suspense and tension. Bernhard’s lifelong passion for crime fiction and murder mysteries eventually helped her create the character of Agnes Taylor. Bernhard is also a member of the Crime Writers of Canada and Sisters in Crime, drawing inspiration... [Read More...]

The Watch Series: Christian Mysteries by Kay DiBianca

Readers looking for cozy, amateur-sleuth detective fiction will adore The Watch series. Written by retired software developer Kay DiBianca, the series features deep characters and wonderful plot twists that have earned it over 300 reviews averaging 4.6 stars. Other authors have left rave reviews for DiBianca’s impressive storytelling abilities. Judy Karge, the author of A Light in the Dark: Reflections on Proverbs, wrote that “. . .the writing is well-paced peppered with interesting characte... [Read More...]

Bangkok Series: Espionage Mysteries by Stephen Shaiken

Before Stephen Shaiken became an author, he spent 3 decades working as a criminal defense lawyer. His career led him around the globe from Florida to California to Thailand and beyond, giving him unique insights into the global fight against crime. If you’re searching for a heart-pounding crime thrille, look no further than Shaiken’s unforgettable books! Bangkok Shadows American criminal defense lawyer Glenn Murray Cohen moved to Bangkok in an attempt to start over, but leaving his old lif... [Read More...]

DELIVERIES: A Mystery Novel by Paul Smyth

If you’re a fan of the mystery genre, the 2021 mystery thriller by Paul Smyth is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. As a lifelong aviation enthusiast, Smyth’s in-depth knowledge of aircrafts helped him create a gripping but realistic tale about a pair of pilots, an ethically dubious decision, and a potentially deadly journey. This is a hidden gem of a story you won’t want to miss! DELIVERIES The story begins by introducing us to Paul Jackson, the co-owner of a tiny air charter co... [Read More...]