Book Promotion partners with to showcase and promote mysteries and thrillers. To promote your book on this site simply set up a promotion on  Promotions set up on reach thousands of readers on the following sites:,,,,,,,, and other sites.

Founded in 2012, has been helping authors to promote their books directly to avid readers on Kindle. They have more than 51,000 newsletter subscribers and 78,000 Facebook followers, thousands of site visitors each day. JustKindleBooks offers three tiers of promotions:

Premium Plus Book Promotion($45) Our Premium Plus option includes everything in the premium promotion plus extra time on our home pages.

Premium Book Promotion ($38) Our premium book promotion gives your book maximum exposure. We will place your book in a top spot in our 2 newsletters and 7 other websites for 24 hours. You will also get social posts on our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Budget Book Promotion ($22) Your book will be featured in the JustKindleBooks newsletter and on all of our websites except We will also create posts about your book on Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr pages.

Book Series Promotion – ($43) Use this option to promote all the titles in your book series at once. You’ll get everything that is included in our Premium Promotion.

Premium Article about Your Books– ($45)  We will write an article about your book or books and publish it on one of our websites. This is a real article written by our talented writers in the US and UK. You can use it to showcase your work, add to your brand and attract new readers. Additionally, you can pull out quotes to use on your book’s detail page or to post on Facebook.

You’ve cracked the code when it comes to writing mysteries, but what about marketing your mystery novels? Promoting your books can be frustrating whether you’re a newly published author or a writer with a number of published books. If you have started self-promoting with guest posts, tweets, Facebook posts, and the like, then you might consider running a book promotion to reach a larger potential audience.

Benefits of Book Promotions

While book promotions may not always pay for themselves in terms of immediate royalties earned on book sales, they do offer the following long-term benefits:

Increase your book sales. The most obvious benefit of running a book promotion is that your novel will be seen by new potential readers, which can give your sales a huge boost. Also, if you’re planning to write a sequel, running a promotion on your first book could invoke curiosity and help ensure future sales for your next book.

Gain more reviews. Think of the last time you purchased a product online. If you’ve never ordered the item before, you likely skimmed the customer reviews before deciding if it was a quality product or not. It’s exactly the same for selling books; if your book doesn’t have many reviews, it might discourage people from buying it. Book promotions drive sales, and the more people who buy your book, the more reviews you get. Being exposed to a wider audience means that you’ll naturally earn more reviews.

Improve your online visibility. Being active on social media, interacting with your fans, and regularly posting on your website are key ingredients to maintaining your fan base, but attracting new followers can be difficult. If your follower count hasn’t increased in months, running a promotion for your book has the potential to entice new readers into following you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information is required to sign up for a JustKindleBooks promotion? All you need is your 10-digit Kindle Book ASIN and a PayPal account or credit card. In most cases you can even run your promotion the next day if you submit the information before 5PM ET.

Can I track how many people click on the promotion? Absolutely! Simply put a link or shortened tracking link you want to use in the notes of your submission form and JustKindleBooks will create the promotion using that link so that you can track your clicks.

What should I do before a book promotion? It’s a good idea to create a brief, intriguing description for your book to use with our promotion. Try to seduce the reader in 3 sentences of less. It’s also a good idea to have some reviews for your book before starting a promotion. If you have any other questions about running a book promotion with us, contact us here.