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Let us guess: you probably feel pretty good when you track the clues and solve the crime in a mystery novel, right? We agree it’s fun and a feel good moment when you figure out who did it in a mystery novel. But can you solve a real-life mystery like where you parked your car or left your keys? Probably not. Yes, your own sleuthing abilities are lackluster. But that’s why you came to us…to indulge in the suspense, drama, and thrills of solving crimes in great mystery books. BestMysteryNovels, may not have the most clever of names, but we have countless mysteries for those of you who choose to spend their free time reading about small town murders, serial killers, detectives at work, or criminals in action. As long as you keep your morbid fascinations within the realm of fiction, then we are all good. Now, please explore our site for your next reading adventure.

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