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The Squatters: A Thriller

When a thrice married crime writer notices his wife is unhappy due to the time he devotes to his work, he decides to spend the summer with her on a family-owned island on the Hudson River. The only problem is that some Mexican Cartel connected squatters has taken over the island for their drug-running operation. The writer and his wife might think twice about challenging the deadly gangsters. But the unlikely duo is not about to give up on what’s theirs without a fight. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Native Trouble

Just as Sheriff Zeb Hanks prepares to embark on a new chapter of his life with his upcoming marriage to Echo Skysong, the apache Knowledge Keeper, chaos descends upon the peaceful community. A relentless crime wave grips the county, leaving Zeb questioning whether he’s the target of a calculated vendetta or merely caught in the crossfire. As the stakes escalate, Zeb finds himself entangled in a web of intrigue where nothing is as it seems. Echo faces her own trials as she becomes a target... [Read More...]

The Cat Who Chased Ghosts: A Magical Tale of Courage and Friendship

In a sleepy little town, an ordinary-looking cat hides an extraordinary secret that will transform his owners’ lives forever. When the Thompson family inherits a dilapidated old house, their overprotected son Timmy forms a strong bond with Whiskers a chronically lazy tabby who is not what he seems. As Timmy explores the house’s mysteries, a chilling discovery puts his courage to the test. With the help of Whiskers and some newfound friends, he must face supernatural forces beyond hi... [Read More...]

Cole Springer Trilogy

Springer’s Gambit is both fluent and riveting. Robert B. Parker, bestselling author of the Spenser and Jesse Stone mystery series COLE SPRINGER HAS A MUSICAL SOUL, A QUICK WIT, AND A CON-MANS MIND. Ex-Secret Service Agent Cole Springer has exchanged his badge for a piano and the high-altitude life of Aspen, Colorado. But he hasn’t lost his appetite for danger. Springer delights in playing button men and gangsters for personal gain and amusement. While an affable man, he’s toug... [Read More...]

The Crimson Triangle

In the shadowy depths of the Puerto Rican Trench, far below the tranquil surface of the ocean, lies a realm where the ancient secrets of the sea whisper among the dark currents. Here, in the foreboding expanse known as the Crimson Triangle, Eliana, a gifted marine biologist, leads her team into the heart of the Bermuda Triangle’s mysteries on a perilous quest that will challenge the very essence of their understanding of nature and the supernatural. As a sinister darkness begins to rise i... [Read More...]

The Patriot Oath

AND HE THOUGHT BEING IN THE MARINES WAS TOUGH After twenty-four years, Special Forces legend Josh Kavanagh has retired from the military. But now that he’s home, he’s finding that everyone has a different understanding of his motivations, and realizes that there are some wounds no amount of time can heal. Josh’s traumatized sister, Suki, thinks her big brother is a hero and has come home to punish her rapist, the youngest son of a ruthless, crooked billionaire who lives to get... [Read More...]

Free: The Last Diva

Have you ever wondered how the average and talentless seemingly rise from nowhere and achieve great success? The Last Diva blurs the lines between fantasy and reality when it comes to the world of showbusiness. Decide for yourself what is real, possible or just a conspiracy. Your ratings and reviews will be gratefully received. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Trickster: (A Thorn Novel Book 16)

When a mysterious girl arrives at Thorn’s doorstep, her presence ignites a chain of events that unravels his world. This unexpected encounter reveals a chilling secret: every misfortune Thorn has faced over the past twenty years has been carefully crafted by a sinister figure known only as the Trickster. As Thorn delves deeper into this dark conspiracy, he discovers that the Tricksters ultimate, deadly game is about to reach its final, devastating stage. Now, Thorn must confront the shado... [Read More...]

Twisted Reality

How well do you really know the person you vowed to spend your life with? When Tonya Porter meets Darryl, he’s everything Tonya’s dreamed of: thoughtful, engaging, and seemingly head over heels for her. For once, Tonya thinks she might have found her happily ever after. But as their relationship progresses from dating to a quick walk down the aisle, the fairy tale starts to crack. Darryl’s attentiveness turns into an obsession. His texts and calls aren’t just frequent; t... [Read More...]

Free: Keeper of the Secret

Once a misfit dropout, Mike now directs the fate of man versus machine. In a future where the boundaries between artificial intelligence and human ambition blur, Mike becomes the linchpin in a critical battle of wills. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), an enigmatic digital entity with the power to rewrite the rules of existence, is at the heart of this clash. Mike experiences the exhilaration and terror of creating an AI startup that develops deep machine-learning secrets for AGI. Finding ... [Read More...]

Death on the Grand Strand

Death on the Grand Strand Maintenance men are during their routine of dragging the ponds, to retrieve lost golf balls, on an exclusive Golf Club in South Carolina. To their surprise and shock, they discover the body of a man, his mouth stuffed with golf balls. BJ Gleeson, residing in Louisiana, is called by a good friend, to investigate the murder on behalf of the Grand Strand Golf Club. BJs relationship with his fiance, Lieutenant Karen Gagne from the New Orleans Police Department continues to... [Read More...]

A Touch of Regret (A Nick Bracco Thriller Book 8)

In “A Touch of Regret,” the eighth book in the Nick Bracco thriller series, Gary Ponzo once again delivers an adrenaline-pumping journey into the dark world of crime and justice. This time, we rejoin the formidable FBI agent, Nick Bracco, as he finds himself stuck in a deadly web of power, deceit, and remorse. When Bracco uncovers a potentially devastating terrorist plot that could lay waste to America, he realizes that the roots of this threat are far deeper and darker than anyone ... [Read More...]

The Devil’s Spies

Cold War tensions run high for the residents in the divided city of Berlin. A terrifying change is coming as the building of the Berlin Wall will divide families, couples, and city’s residents. Making matters worse, Department XX/4 of the feared Stasi infiltrate one of the last remaining bastions of freedom in communist East Germany, the Church. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

A Nun’s Tear

CEO of Q-Tower Nathan Jordan is faced with a problem when he tries to get the bill on a pill call Q-2. He had manufactory to help cure cancer and tumors. With the many side affect’s that cause health problems and disorders behavior. This caused the Bill to be turn down and with senator Liam Hawkins, in this way Nathan Jordan take’s matter’s into his own hands and has his whole family murder. $7.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Breaking Silence

Silence is like trust: easily broken. The first time Claire and Megan Deveraux receive a cryptic text from the anonymous AMZ, they decide its a sophisticated scam. But when further evidence of a long-lost sibling starts to add up, Claire begins to wonder whether there is merit to AMZs wild claims…or just photoshop and dumb luck? As the sisters weigh up the risks of pursuing a ruthless blackmailers trail, another victim is scrambling to keep his secret safe, whatever the cost. Because no a... [Read More...]

The Daughter Between Them

Two mothers. One missing daughter. One life-changing secret. In 2019, Leslie Graham is within arms reach of her goal to become the news editor at the Dancing Hills Times. At thirty-five, she has it alla promising career and a close relationship with her two teenage girls, Rhonda and Jillian. But when an old enemy from her past resurfaces, threatening to reveal life-changing information about one of her daughters, Leslie does everything in her power to keep her world from crashing down. A decade... [Read More...]

Who’s Killing the Alchemy Winery?

The bride died drinking the most expensive wine in the world at a fabulous wedding. Somebody was knocking off Alchemy Winerys best customers, one by one. Charlie and Ben step in. They dont know wine, but they know murderers. This sixth adventure of Charlie and Ben is clever, intriguing, full of old-guy charm, and just plain fun to read. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Four Steps Missed: A Titus Ray Thriller

CIA covert operative Titus Ray is used to keeping secrets. This time, it’s different. This time, he’s keeping secrets from his boss, his handler, and his wife. Operation False Flag is the secret Titus is keeping from his boss . . . While his boss, Deputy Director of Operations, Robert Ira, would ordinarily be aware of any operation being run out of the Agency, this mission concerns the DDO himself, a mission that could cost him his job. The whistleblower behind the operation is the ... [Read More...]

Free: Mango Lucky

John Walker seems to be on a lucky streak. He’s hit the lottery and living the good life in Florida in his motorhome, with his cat, Mango Bob. His new gal pal, Sarah, sends him to Florida’s Treasure Coast, to search for long-lost gold hidden beneath the sands. Trouble soon finds him as he encounters a cast of weird and sometimes dangerous characters in this rollicking travel romp through the Sunshine State. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Silent Forest

In New Haven, everything is changing. And theres no going back now. It’s been weeks since Allison went missing, and everyone has given up except for Kaia. New Haven mourns their dead as she keeps looking. And now, she’s starting to find answers. As the unsolved cases pile up, a new discovery in the forest offers hope. But it also threatens to unbury all of New Havens darkest secrets. For the Woods family, it will take everything they have. For Kaia, its the last chance. There are so... [Read More...]

Shadows of Darkness

Four ruthless criminals on Death Row are chosen to participate in a three-month groundbreaking clinical trial facilitated by Dr. Alicia Sharp, utilizing cutting-edge Psychological Rehabilitation through Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Crafted scenarios within the VR experiences are designed to evoke empathy, remorse, and emotional healing by confronting the criminals with the consequences of their actions. With nothing to lose and time as their enemy, the four participants two men and two wome... [Read More...]

The Ville: Volume I

Colorful crime novel situated in Louisville, Ky. Through the course of his seemingly mundane life, community college professor Jared Longley encounters organize criminals, who threaten to take away everything loves. He has to rely upon an unlikely source to claw to hold onto the life he has worked hard to provide for himself. It is a journey that happens within the cracks and crevices of a mid-sized, middle-America city. Buckle up and enjoy the ride! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Mountain Captive: A Tale of Survival and Escape

Survive the Wilderness: A Tale of Unyielding Spirit When Jill Harper decides to navigate the serene yet untamed Appalachian Mountains, she envisions a tranquil drive home from college for her spring break. The journey she’s made countless times before takes a harrowing detour, thrusting her into an unforeseen survival ordeal. Amidst the dense canopy and winding trails, Jill’s courage is tested beyond her wildest imagination when roadblocks force her to venture into the heart of the ... [Read More...]

The Embalmer: A Steve Jobz PI Thriller

When the Albany Police Department calls on Jobz to look into a series of horrific killing, it’s chance for him to get out of the office for a while. But what he doesn’t realize is that he’s about to come face to face with a serial killer who embalms his victims alive. What he is also about to face is his own worst nightmare come true. From New Times and USA Today bestselling Thriller and Shamus Award winning author, Vincent Zandri. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Winterstone Murder (The Woodhead & Becker Mysteries Book 1)

A graduate student has been poisoned with a hallucinogen in a historic chapel in Milwaukee in the dead of winter. As the list of suspects grows, can a forensic toxicologist with a nose for trouble and a disgraced federal investigator find the killer? Start this new series from USA Today bestselling author Paul Austin Ardoin. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Shadowed Obsession

Her stalkers message is deadly clear. She’s his. When Keira ORyan starts receiving photos of herself at business events, she assumes its just another office prank. Then the situation takes a menacing turn when the spotlight shifts to her personal life. As the photos pile up, Keira comes to a chilling realization she has a stalker. Her faceless predator continues to evade the Montana police, and Keira’s fear grows. When she discovers cameras scattered throughout her home, she turns t... [Read More...]

If He’d Never Seen: A Dana De Witte Mystery

A lonely road a foggy night a woman trying to move forward A troubled young man, who tried desperately to right the wrongs of his past and bring the truth to light. A death. Murder? Accident? Dana De Witte wants more than anything to find a cold case that would be a good subject for her first true crime book. She recently moved to a small, picturesque town to help in her aunts flower shop and focus on her writing. As the town celebrates the retirement of its beloved football coach, she takes up... [Read More...]

Team Reaper: Volume One

ITS A RACE AROUND THE WORLD FULL OF HEART-POUNDING ACTION, AND TEAM REAPER REFUSES TO RETREAT. After being betrayed and shooting the two of the most powerful men in the Irish Mob, John Reaper Kane is forced into hiding. Seeking refuge in the seemingly quiet town of Retribution, Arizona, Reaper soon discovers that appearances can be deceiving. Because beneath the town’s worn exterior lies the dangerous Montoya Cartel, lurking in the shadows. Meanwhile, DEA Agent Luis Ferrero has long advoc... [Read More...]

Holmes on the Range: A Western Mystery Series

SHERLOCK HOLMES MEETS THE OLD WEST IN THIS THRILLING MURDER MYSTERY ON A KILLER RANCH. Its 1893, and wandering cowboy brothers Big Red and Old Red Amlingmeyer are down to their last few pennies. When a job becomes available at a ranch run by a confident and enigmatic foreman, neither brother can say no. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Silent Child

In the summer of 2006, Emma Price watched helplessly as her six-year-old son’s red coat was fished out of the River Ouse. It was the tragic story of the year – a little boy, Aiden, wandered away from school during a terrible flood, fell into the river, and drowned. His body was never recovered. Ten years later, Emma has finally rediscovered the joy in life. She’s married, pregnant, and in control again… … until Aiden returns. Too traumatized to speak, he raises end... [Read More...]

The Copper Isle Ghostslayer

Layla Devereaux, an exceptionally perceptive nature photographer and former investigative journalist, travels to an isolated island and finds that it is inhabited by ghosts as she tries to find out what really happened to a lighthouse tour guide there the previous summer and free her brother from prison for a murder he didn’t commit. $3.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Hoofprints in Saguaro Shadows

Set in the beauty of the American Southwest, “Hoofprints in Saguaro Shadows” portrays the complicated dynamics presented in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, bringing to life the intensified fears and vulnerabilities at the U.S.-Mexico border a frontier of both hope and peril. Amidst this volatile backdrop, Rye Dalton, a fiercely independent woman, and Alejandro Mendoza, the seasoned Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs, stand as guardians of the Dalton Ranch, a symbol of p... [Read More...]

Your Brain’s Still Flashing

When Simon Steed gets released from the mental hospital, he needs a job to pay his bills. And quick! At last, he convinces a night court judge to let him represent indigent clients. Once Simon settles in at his childhood home again, he meets friendly neighbors, including a mysterious woman who is at first only visible at night through a sheer curtain. Who is she talking to on her phone at that late hour? None of the neighbors has seen her. Then he lands a wealthy client who has something on her... [Read More...]