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The Secret Between Them

Sage Witten’s fairy-tale marriage crumbles when she discovers she’s being watched. At 23, she realizes her handsome millionaire husband is a stranger, compounded by a terrifying stalker encounter. A trip back to her hometown for her childhood friend’s engagement party seems like an opportunity to reconcile her past, but Sage soon finds herself in a world of confusion, not knowing who she can trust or what she should believe. Dark secrets and whispers of the past force Sage to ... [Read More...]

Fatal Flaw: An Almost True Story of Deceit, Revenge and Murder

Step into the shadows of a marriage consumed by danger and secrets. In Fatal Flaw, Maggie Wallis faces a harrowing choice: save her crumbling marriage or her daughter from a sinister past. Can she summon the courage to face the truth, whatever the cost? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Arc’s Arcana: The Spiritual Alchemy of Saint Joan

Embark on a Mystical Journey with the Spiritual Alchemy of Saint Joan Imagine immersing yourself in the life and legacy of one of history’s most enigmatic figures. Arc’s Arcana: The Spiritual Alchemy of Saint Joan offers an unprecedented exploration into the heart and soul of Joan of Arc. Through the pages of this mesmerizing book, readers are invited to traverse the mystical path blazed by the Warrior Maiden herself. From the humble beginnings in the child of Lorraine to the echoes... [Read More...]

Harem Academy

  I never wanted this kind of power. But fate, luck, or twist of fortune has put me at the center of Well, Im not exactly sure, but I think it’s going to change the world. My three beautiful college classmates know more than they’re saying, and I think they hate how much they like me. They’re the key to surviving, and it’s going to take everything Ive got to handle them. But it turns out that Ive got some secrets, too. If only I can figure out what they are. $2.99 e... [Read More...]

Rest In Peace

Sarah Chapman is angry at her husband. She’s also drunk very drunk as she drives down their street, ready to face him. When a neighbor hears the commotion and rushes to help, he finds her inside, gun still in her hand, and her husband, Steven, dead in the bed. Sarah is arrested and taken away but claims to be innocent. The only one who believes her is FBI profiler Eva Rae Thomas. She knows Sarah personally, and as she looks at the evidence in the case, she is convinced that Sarah is telli... [Read More...]

Lost Grove: Part One

For fans of Twin Peaks and Stranger Things, Lost Grove is the first in a paranormal mystery duology that explores the twisted legends and mysteries in one small town. In the eerie, enigmatic town of Lost Grove, where secrets whispered among the rustling pines are as thick as the fog rolling in from the sea, the discovery of Sarah Elizabeth Grahams’ lifeless corpse on the windswept beach is but the first note in a haunting symphony of mysteries. Sergeant Seth Wolfe, the town’s tenaci... [Read More...]

Burning Lance: An Adventure Thriller (The MI6 Files Book 1)

BEST-SELLING AUTHOR BRENT TOWNS IS AT IT AGAIN WITH A THRILLING, NEW MENS ADVENTURE SERIES. After his team was smashed while working for the Global Corporation on a mission with old friendsJohn Reaper Kane and Raymond Knocker Jensen former Royal Marine Commander Richard Todd was sought out by MI6. They needed someone with combat experience and a hard edge to match as the world began spiraling out of control. Their need for him is even greater now that someone has stolen a Russian laser with the... [Read More...]

Awakening (Awake As A Stranger Trilogy Book 1)

What if YOU woke up living in someone else’s body? Alone and Afraid. The night of Treaz’s 32nd birthday ended in a lonely, drunken stupor, an unnerving mysterious man staring into her bedroom window, and the waking up inside the body of a stranger a thousand miles from her home. How did she get there? Whose body is she in? Distraught and confused, she is admitted to a chilling psychiatric hospital. With no hope of escape, an unknown man suddenly arranges her discharge. He forces her... [Read More...]

Free: Biker Funeral: A Noir Mystery (The Father Barrett Files Book 1)

A HARD-DRINKING, TWO-FISTED PROTAGONIST IN THE MIDST OF A PARADE OF COLORFUL CHARACTERS GRITTY REALISM AT ITS FINEST. After years of tracking down pedophile priests, Vatican investigator and former copFather Michael Barrett snaps and beats one to near-death. Spared a trial by church intervention, he is transferred to a backwater parish in Fulton, British Columbia and told to behave himself. On one drunken night, Barrett crosses paths with the Paladins who coerce him into accepting five thousand... [Read More...]

Twilight Secrets in Mahone Bay

Discover the Enigmatic Beauty and Hidden Dangers of Mahone Bay In the heart of Mahone Bay lies a secret that twists through the lives of its inhabitants, weaving a tale of love, mystery, and danger that will ensnare your senses and hold you captivated till the last page is turned. Twilight Secrets in Mahone Bay invites you into a world where the past and present merge, and where every shadow hides a story waiting to be unearthed. A New Beginning sets you on a journey with characters who are as ... [Read More...]

The Devil’s Spies

With Cold War tensions running high, the lives of the residents in the divided city of Berlin are about to face a terrifying change that left one untouched. The building of the Berlin Wall divided families, friends, romantic couples, and the residents of a city. To make matters worse, Department XX/4 of the dreaded Stasi have infiltrated one of the last remaining bastions of freedom in communist East Germany, the Church. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Last Night Never Happened

Nora Bauer, once Hollywoods elite fixer, now finds her reputation shattered. Exposing a crime rather than concealing it has rendered her a pariah in an industry where secrets are currency. When Daphne Belle, a faded actress desperate for a comeback, enlists Noras help to avoid tabloid scandals, it seems like a straightforward gig. But after a night they cant remember, filled with drinks, drugs, and decisions they wish to forget, Nora and Daphne awaken to a scene straight from a horror film: the... [Read More...]

The Enigma Within

Some mysteries are meant to be uncovered – in the heart of darkness, the truth awaits Journey into the mysterious world of the paranormal, guided by the renowned lead paranormal investigator, Leon Evans. With his unique abilities, Evans has earned a reputation for uncovering the unexplained and the supernatural, and this time, he’s taking his crew and a select group of lucky fans on an exclusive international paranormal investigation in a hauntingly beautiful vineyard nestled near t... [Read More...]

Freeze Frame

What KIM thought would make a stunning wedding video affirms a cold-blooded, unseen murder. It’s not until he studies the footage on his editing console that within the murk of revelers dancing at the party is the flash of a bowie knife. Rewind to how it all begins. Before The Wall Street Crash of 2008, Kims parents had been living the high life, complacent in their earnings as investors in the Stock Market. Its aftermath leaves ELLA and JOE in a state of panic and depression. Kim is twen... [Read More...]

Artist I Am

A Masterpiece Destroyed. A Culprit Unknown. The Answer Unprecedented. In the glittering world of international art, a high-stakes investigation will challenge the limits of technology and human ingenuity. A contentious art auction reduces a priceless masterpiece to ashes, prompting the call for retired INTERPOL director Nick Stirling to lead a covert task force tasked with uncovering the truth. But as Nick and his team dig deeper into the mystery, they soon realize that there’s more to th... [Read More...]

The Icehouse: A Lancashire Detective Mystery (DCI Walker Crime Thrillers Book 1)

After a body turns up in the sleepy village of Rufford, DCI Jonathan Walker returns from leave early. But when it transpires the crime may be linked to a decades old cold case involving the murder of his sister, the crime becomes personal. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Cutter Kauai Sea Adventures

Follow the exciting adventures of young Coast Guard Lieutenant Ben Wyporek and his heroic crew on board the U.S. Coast Guard patrol boat Kauai. Aging patrol boat USCGC Kauai is taken from the normal hurly-burly of Coast Guard operations and upgraded with the latest stealth, engineering, and electronic technology by the Director of National Intelligence. Kauai’s new milieu? Be the first responder for sensitive and vital missions in Florida, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean. Complete covert ... [Read More...]

Embers of Shadow, Ages of Malice, Book III

After the brazen attack on Israel, the Antichrists shadow grows. Rhyme Carter faces the fight of her life to escape the clutches of her evil husband, the FBI, and a secret society hellbent on world domination. Emery Merrick watches in horror as the Antichrist launches an international coup that changes the course of humanity forever. In a race against time, Book III in the superlative, award-winning Ages of Malice series continues the saga of a downtrodden journalist enlisted to write the biogr... [Read More...]

Black Moon

A Riveting Sizzler with Nonstop Action by Multi-Award-Winning-Author & Former Special Agent, ANDREW CERONI When a second new moon appears in the same month, it’s called a black moon. In parts of the US, superstitions abound concerning black moons. CIA Agent Dave McClure is on a fly fishing trip with colleagues in the Bitterroot Wilderness of western Montana during a black moon. Simultaneously, members of a Mexican cartel break from a prison transport bus in eastern Montana, kill every... [Read More...]

The Pond At Sycamore Shoals (Miss Fortune World: Walter’s Waterside Adventures)

~A Miss Fortune Universe Novel~ While Ida Belle and Gertie are off to New Orleans to care for a sick friend, Fortune looks forward to a restful week alone. Unfortunately, her plans are soon shot after two pint-sized children show up at Walter’s General Store in search of water pistols and other creative weaponry. Olivia and Oliver Bergeron pitch a disturbing tale. Their mother was killed. Their uncle did it. And their dad may be next. Since time is of the essence, Fortune turns to Big and... [Read More...]

Misplaced Scrutiny

Can women truly trust their medical test results? Dedicated pathologist Dr. Sophie Cadeaux is determined to find the answer to that question no matter what it takes. When a shocking expos uncovers labs putting profits ahead of patients, Sophie’s world is shaken to its core. While regulatory action may promise to restore faith in the system, Sophie suspects a hidden agenda remains at play. On a journey to uncover the truth, Sophie is taken from the serene beaches of Jamaica to snow-covered... [Read More...]

The Dread Nought Complete Series Boxed Set

Save the World? Or Kill Each Other? Tough Choices. Cat burglar Cassie Parker minds her own business. But when she screws up and plays Good Samaritan she finds herself on the run with Remy, her new best friend and worst enemy. Discover this technothriller, globetrotting series today with this complete series boxed set! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Retribution

The murders of two prominent attorneys have the homicide division of the Chicago Police Department scrambling for answers, but without clues, a motive, or a suspect, not even the FBI can track down the killer. At their wits’ end, the police call the Washburn County Sheriffs Office with hopes of bringing psychic detective Kate Pierce in on the case. Using clues from her dreams and dogged determination, Kate steps into the killer’s world and realizes he may be much closer than any of ... [Read More...]

Lincoln’s Son

After losing his parents, Darnell Whitaker’s life turns upside down. He’s suddenly adopted by a white family in Lincoln, Illinois, miles away from his home in South Side Chicago. But this new start isn’t what it seems. Darnell is caught in a dangerous hunt for Abraham Lincoln’s hidden treasure. With the Chicago mob, a corrupt judge, and even the Vatican on his tail, he’s in over his head. Trust is scarce, and danger lurks around every corner. Meanwhile, back in Chi... [Read More...]

Free: The Sleeper

Former soldier Ash Sanders is plagued by violent nightmares. Gunfire. Explosions. Blood. A nameless attacker. In his nightmare, Ash fights off his attacker, killing him. In the morning, he wakes to find his wife lying in bed beside him. Murdered. Ash is about to take the fall for his wife’s death until he’s exonerated by sleep psychologist Mina Irving. She discovers that Ash has a variation of REM Behavior Disorder called sleep violence and that he had no control over what he was do... [Read More...]

The Woman Beneath the Stairs

Ally’s perfect marriage to Tim Hawthorne is crumbling under the weight of one trial after another. Forced to visit Tims mother on her secluded island off the coast of Maine, Ally uncovers a sinister secret: years ago, a member of the family was the prime suspect in a young woman’s disappearance from the same island. Now, history is repeating itself. Another woman has vanished without a trace. Ally digs into all the dark secrets of the Hawthorne family’s past, but what she disc... [Read More...]

False Flags

Fast-moving thriller that weaves together several different countries, cultures, and well-developed characters. A great read!! Complex relationships between a diverse group of people, set during the turbulent summer of 2004 in the Middle East, provides the backdrop against global issues that continue to challenge us today. Fans of globe-spanning action and adventure will find the political intrigue and personal dilemmas of this first novel by James Hudson a page-turner, like the Jason Drake Spy... [Read More...]

A Portion of Malice

An Ancient Evil Rises. A brazen thriller of God, humanity, and the cost of every choice. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Emery Merrick presses a pistol to his temple. Then there’s a knock at the door. Billionaire Thaddeus Drake hires Emery to write his biography. But Drake has a dark secret, and Emery soon discovers he heads an ancient, secret society which aims to fulfill prophecy and sacrifice the Earth to a bloodthirsty God. Deep and emotionally stirring, Emery finds himself plunged ... [Read More...]

Crime Victims, A Buck Taylor Novel

The peaceful grandeur of the Grand Mesa in Colorado is shattered by the discovery of 11 bodies buried under 11 roadside crosses along a lonely mountain road. The Roadside Cross Killer has struck again, and not even the FBI knew he was active. A killer without a conscience who knows no bounds and kills indiscriminately because he enjoys it. Now its up to Colorado Bureau of Investigation Agent Buck Taylor and his team to investigate his decades-long trail of murder,, and stop him before he finds ... [Read More...]

Chief Inspector Bryce Mysteries

  The books feature Scotland Yard detective Philip Bryce, over a period from 1947 to 1951. An unusual policeman, Bryce qualified as a lawyer before WW2, but then decided to join the Metropolitan Police. After a period in the army – he was awarded a Military Cross for gallantry – he returned to the police, becoming the youngest Detective Chief Inspector in the Metropolitan Police. Some of the books are set in London. Others are set in towns and villages elsewhere in England R... [Read More...]

Free: Detective Max Grady Thrillers

From the bestselling author of Twelve Years Gone and The Moscow Brief… Detective Max Gradys past haunts him every single day. The day he finds out Macy Chandler has been missing for four months is no exception. Now, a ransom demand has come in, one that her family doesnt understand and cant fulfill. With no options and no leads, Max sets out to find the kidnappers and to rescue Macy while she still has time. Free to $1.99 on Kindle. Learn More ... [Read More...]

The Last Bunker

In a world engulfed by darkness, the courageous determination of Jennifer Smith shines as the lone beacon of hope in a landscape destroyed by bitter cold and chaos. Stripped of technology, humanity teeters on the brink of collapse. Starvation grips the land as ruthless gangs ascend, engaged in a battle for supremacy in this new, savage world. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

A Touch of Malice

While filming a documentary, the President’s brother is captured deep within the Amazon Rainforest by a Colombian cartel. The President calls the one person who has the underground criminal contacts needed to fight this type of vicious enemy – FBI agent, Nick Bracco. Once again Nick relies on his mafia-linked cousin Tommy to help with the operation. When Tommy recruits an assassin to join the rescue team, the rollercoaster comes off the track and everyone becomes a target. $2.99 on ... [Read More...]