This book selection was updated on January 30th, 2023.
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Free: So Shall The Tree Grow

Family loyalties, deadly feuds, and international drug wars are brought to life in Ninie Hammon’s new intergenerational tale set in present-day Kentucky, four decades after the rise and fall of the Cornbread Mafia. When Ruth Hannacker finds a “just-in-case-anything-happens-to-me” letter among her mother’s things after she was killed in a tornado, it opens a new chapter in the family’s decades-long, fraught, and often tragic story with Righteous Weed. The letter from Jessica Monaghan H... [Read More...]

Forget Me

Wanda Dellas is living someone else’s life: that’s the sense she’s had since a mysterious accident robbed her of her long-term memory. Lost and barely scraping by, Wanda cleans offices at night in order to support her young daughter. Then Wanda sees a news report about a presumed dead businesswoman, Claire Stanbrick. Bad enough that Claire bears an uncanny resemblance to Wanda. But it turns out Claire went missing around the same time as Wanda’s accident, too. Plus, she ... [Read More...]

Knit, Purl… Murder!

New girl in town, Savvy Swift learns the magical town of Wickerton Hollow lives up to its slogan: Where Strange Things Happen. The local yarn shopkeeper is accused of murder. Savvy knows she must help. Only first, she must round up a family of quarrelsome gnomes, outwit a wish-granting cat, and steal back a relic taken by a troll to solve the case. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Nazis vs Dinos

It’s 1944 and Hitler is desperate, so a monstrous dictator out of time sends commandos to a timeless island that some call Atlantis to steal a super-weapon that may be the lost Ark of the Covenant. The best Nazis must beat the worst monsters of the future or they’re history. The truths they discover are more monstrous than the lies they’ve been told because the island is out of time – and so are they. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Boise Longpig Hunting Club

When you want someone found, you call bounty hunter Jake Halligan. He’s smart, tough, and best of all, careful on the job. But none of those skills seem to help him when a shadowy group starts taking his life apart piece by piece. Now he’s the hunted… and he’ll need all of his skills if he wants to survive the night. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Big Four: A Hercule Poirot Mystery Illustrated Kindle Edition

Are you a fan of Agatha Christie’s mysteries? If so, you’ll love this illustrated edition of “The Big Four.” Beautiful full page illustrations in color and detailed black and white images. Unabridged Not only does this book contain the complete text of Christie’s classic detective novel, but it also features beautiful illustrations. These illustrations bring the characters and scenes to life, making it feel like you’re right there alongside Poirot as he tries... [Read More...]

Free: Cold Comfort

How do you catch a killer who never leaves a clue? Bridgette Casseldhorf is a rookie detective working her first murder case.  The circumstances surrounding the murder of a young woman lead Bridgette to believe it’s the work of a serial killer, but nobody is listening. Convinced the killer will strike again shortly, can she find enough evidence to stop the killer before another young woman is murdered? Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


Stephanie Courtland is deeply troubled: she suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, which makes it impossible for her to understand the wrongfulness of the murderous acts committed by her alters. Beth, on the surface, appears calm, reasonable, and wanting to be in control. Stephanie’s psychologist. Dr. James Galloway is suspicious of this behavior because of Beth’s constant internal dialogue with Tiffany – the dominant personality. Tiffany thrives on adrenaline and violen... [Read More...]

What Comes Before

Lord Harry Paterson, Sheriff of the County of Yorkshire, is coerced back to work for the British Security Services after witnessing the macabre death of a beautiful, young woman at a grouse shoot hosted by his friend and ex-fellow army officer, Viscount Winston Bottomly. Unbeknownst to Harry, the woman – the Viscount’s fiancée – had stolen a top-secret file from the French consulate in London, containing information about an innovative encryption method called post quantum signal... [Read More...]

Free: The Moscow Brief

It’s been five years since CIA agent Travis Bishop walked away from his career… Now living on a ranch in Texas training performance horses, he swore he’d never go back. The arrival of an unexpected guest at the ranch throws Travis headfirst into trouble. A man shows up on his doorstep claiming an agent that saved his life has gone dark and is nowhere to be found. Worse yet, the CIA believes her to be a traitor. A simple dinner to talk through the details leads to murder and a plan to ... [Read More...]

Free: DCI Alice Candy

DCI Alice Candy is a formidable woman and a respected detective who has an edge: she has powers of perception that verge on the psychic, although she is no believer in magic. In this typically British detective series, and with the help of her logical sidekick, DI Will Brady, she untangles a steady stream of mysteries that land on her desk, from kidnapping, to murder, to criminal deception. Her relationship with DI Will Brady is professional, despite the fact that there is an undercurrent of so... [Read More...]

Vampires and Villains: Magical Mystery Book Club Book 2

Paige and her joyful Aunt Glo have learned that the home they inherited comes with a magical library. They put together a book club group of loveable kooks to explore the magic. They’ve recovered from their first book journey, and they all agree on their next book which takes place on a cruise ship bound for Hawaii. Problem is, they were so excited about the cruising idea that they didn’t read the entire blurb on the back of the book. (“It was entirely too long,” explains Zell.) Once on... [Read More...]

MIDNIGHT SUN: An Alaskan Romantic Suspense (A Grant & Daniels Trilogy Book 1)

Wyatt, Alaska is a place of family, beauty, and unspeakable tragedy. A couple of years after Aaron Grant lost his wife and daughter in a fire, one of his daughter’s best friends, Sarah, is kidnapped. After spending the last two years as the town drunk, he reluctantly investigates the kidnapping along with the ambitious FBI Agent Teresa Daniels. The case takes several twists and turns, which will end up leaving the whole town of Wyatt in the wake of destruction. In the Arctic and Antarctic Cir... [Read More...]

Morrow’s Con: Opening Gambit (Morrow’s Con Stories Book 1)

Morrow is a mystery. He doesn’t smile, can blend effortlessly into a crowd, and lives a spartan lifestyle. Having grown up on the streets under the tutelage of a con man mentor, he’s ready for his first real “job.” Until he finds it, he’s working security for a mob boss’ motor pool in Phoenix. When an opportunity arises for him to steal back a priceless painting for a powerful client, he knows this is just what he’s been training for his entire life. A methodical planner, Morrow a... [Read More...]

Wizardly Woes (A Wizards of Little Hope Cozy Mystery Book 1)

Take a sometime wizard, send him back to his paranormal hometown, add in a cast of quirky characters and supernatural beings, including a smart Irish Wolfhound familiar, sprinkle with magic, then top off with a big dollop of humour, and you have A Wizards of Little Hope Cozy Mystery. After losing his wife five years ago, Bran sank into a mire of depression and over-eating. Two years of grieving later, he got his act together, moved back to his hometown of Lost Hope, and embraced his wizardly cr... [Read More...]

Rock, Roll and Reaper

The Mazurki family music store is busy as ever with repairing amps and selling vintage and brand new guitars. Alley’s old friend, Olive, has an amp she needs repaired but Alley notices her friend appears downright spooky with her blanched skin and sunken eyes. Olive blames a strange sound from outside her bedroom window at night zapping her strength. Alley offers to spend the night and awakens to someone lurking outside. From then on Alley is plagued by unfortunate circumstances. Cousin M... [Read More...]

A Dark Crystal Curse

Magical Crystals, a Wicked Warlock, and a Lofty Death Cora has lived a quiet life up until a few days ago when she learned she comes from a long line of witches and her family is relying on her to complete the Trial of the Six Crystals and redeem the forgotten Lightheart name. The only problem is, Cora has no idea what it means to even be Magical. Thankfully, Cora has a crew. With the help of her cat Hades (who can now suddenly talk and has a lot to say) (like, a lot) and her new mentor Ali Kaz... [Read More...]

Free: Henry Halifax and the Tutori’s Cloak

The legend of the Tutori was something Henry Halifax had never imagined to be real – an ancient organization tasked with watching over the animal kingdom from the shadows. After a chance encounter with the elusive Tutori, Henry and his fiercely loyal dachshund quickly become entangled in a global pursuit that will demand courage at every turn. But courage only gets you so far and Henry must carefully navigate a web of treachery within the Tutori ranks if he’s going to survive onboard th... [Read More...]

SWARM – When Artificial Intelligence Decodes End Time Prophecy

GOLD Award winner: 2021 Reader’s Favorite Finalist for Book of the Year 2021: Independent Author Network KIRKUS Reviews (Industry Standard): “A riveting tale with globe-circling, cloak-and-cyber skulduggery and strong Bible code underpinnings. . . A grandly indulgent, globe-trotting narrative in the Dan Brown/Iris Johansen style. . . The novel brims with wild characters, exotic settings, a skillful embroidering of CNN headlines, and mind-blowing concepts.” “Swarm is a deftly... [Read More...]

No Way Out

A serial killer is terrifying Los Angeles. He kidnaps his victims to torture and eventually kill them after a thoroughly planned ritual. Now that another girl is missing, the clock is ticking. This is not only the biggest case of LAPD Detective Ray Collins, but also his most personal…can he catch the killer before another victim loses their life? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


When a mouthy consultant meets a gruff FBI agent, they team up to solve the worst serial murders in decades – but even with all their talents combined they seem outmatched. Dr. Percy Shatter is the best forensic, behavioral, and clinical psychologist, which probably says more about her than she ever could. She’s afraid of nothing in the real world, especially after personally interviewing every living serial killer between studying the rest. She’s faced evil and come out the other sid... [Read More...]

Free: Inspector Mage: The Hanging Priest

Even with all the excitement Julie experiences while chasing criminals alongside Russell, fear and danger lurk in every corner. Julie lived her entire life thinking she was the only Oseran with no Mage Gift. But after finally discovering she did have one, Julie and Russell use her ability to aid in solving crimes as independent investigators. Her ability to determine others’ Gifts helps the two of them catch the culprits—especially those who use their Gifts to commit crimes. While Julie... [Read More...]

Stealing Scrooge

Quincy Adams Caine is many things. Bookseller. Antiquarian. Reformed con artist. Well…mostly reformed. Once upon a time he was the world’s foremost trafficker in forged and stolen books and manuscripts. Then, in the middle of his criminal masterpiece, one of his partners made off with tens of thousands of dollars in first editions, and left Caine with nothing but a prison sentence. A quarter of a century later Caine is a respected Boston book dealer. But he hasn’t forgotten th... [Read More...]

Defensible Murder, No. 5 in the Mavis Davis Mystery Series

No. 5 in the Mavis Davis Mystery Series HOUSTON – The parents of kidnapped twin babies hire P.I. Mavis Davis to find their children held captive in this city notorious for human trafficking. When police discover the twins’ father standing over the dead body of the primary suspect, the situation becomes even more dire. Can Mavis rescue the children, prove their father innocent, and catch the real perpetrator without becoming the next victim? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Brotherhood

With D.I. Halifax on sick leave, Kate Monroe finds herself sharing leadership of the Barnsworth murder squad with Jonesy . Their latest case involves investigating a mysterious organisation with links to Barnchem. The more they discover, the more they realise how entangled the lives of The Brotherhood members are with not only Barnchem but also The Lamb Murders and even the running of the country itself. What they find out will have serious repercussions for the squad and the town itself. Just ... [Read More...]

Free: Joey Mancuso Mysteries Vols. 6-10

5 Detective Crime Mystery Novels in 1 Boxset! JUST RELEASED. Former NYPD Detective Joey Mancuso and his half-brother, Father Dominic O’Brian, are means to an end investigators. Unencumbered by the bureaucracy, they are relentless in the pursuit of the perpetrators. This Boxset includes the latest 5 unique books with over 1500 pages of riveting crime mysteries. Award-winning author, Owen Parr’s, Joey Mancuso series has won multiple awards for this series. New York City press has label... [Read More...]

The Brother’s Curse Saga

The Brother’s Curse Saga centers around Supernatural Mystical creatures. It has world-building narratives and a disturbing tale about French Wiccans who sacrifice themselves to rid demons with a unique stone. Everything falls apart when the last girl from their generation pays the ultimate price when met with a diabolical ancient amethyst amulet and two 18th century shape-shifter brothers who are on the hunt for her. From $0.99 to $5.99 on Kindle. Learn More ... [Read More...]

Celtic Power: a novel (The Celtic Force Series Book 2)

Guerrilla warfare with British forces is well underway. Their political party are busy manipulating politicians in Ireland, the United States, and Australia into supporting their cause. It’s now proven that nothing is off-limits. The tentacles of the Irish involvement is now spreading its manipulative claws through time to Northern Ireland, England, the United States, and Australia. They meet head-on with US, foreign and unknown government interference. MI6 is busy tracking Irish Politici... [Read More...]

The Calla Lily Mysteries: Books 1-3 (The Calla Lily Mystery Series)

Life in small-town California wine country is a tangled vine of mystery, suspense, and intrigue. In California’s wine country someone wants Lily dead! When Lily Callahan returns home to California’s wine country, sparks fly amid a hail of bullets as she and Deputy U.S. Marshall Austin Jennings take cover. Money, fame, and love all come into play as motives when Lily and Austin try to discover who wants Lily dead. The trouble begins soon after Lily’s beloved Aunt Lettie dies and leaves her... [Read More...]

The Last Exit: A Jen Lu Mystery

Perfect for fans of Ben Winters and Cory Doctorow. In this thrilling near-future novel, the secret to eternal life is closely guarded by people who will do anything to protect it–even if it means destroying everything in their path. Set in Washington D.C. in the near future, climate change has hit hard, fires are burning, unemployment is high, and controversial longevity treatments are only available to the very rich. Enter resourceful young police detective, Jen B. Lu, and her ‘par... [Read More...]

The Lawyer: Books 1-3

? Now get the first THREE legal thrillers in the million-selling courtroom drama series: THE LAWYER, THE DEFENDANT’S FATHER, and THE LAW PARTNERS. Tough, no-nonsense, and smart as a whip, Michael Gresham doesn’t lose. Ever. He’s made a career out of taking only the most difficult court cases, and he’s determined to win each of them, no matter what it takes. Of course, he’ll need to dig deep to uncover the truth and secure justice for the poor souls who entrust him with their freedo... [Read More...]