The Broken Doll

In a gripping new crime thriller series, a former FBI agent is forced to face her past and the killer that got away. “He’s Back.” Two words Sloane Matthews never thought she’d hear, especially not from her ex-husband’s mouth. Failing to catch The Mommy Murderer five years ago was the beginning of the end of her career and her marriage. She’ll do whatever it takes to find the man responsible for the deaths of so many, even work alongside the man who betrayed h... [Read More...]

Shadow Valley

From Pushcart-nominated author, Nik Xandir Wolf, comes a #1 best-selling debut suspense thriller. When Heath’s beloved foster mom, Linda, is brutally murdered by Burke, a crooked, small-town police chief, Heath reacts quickly, leaving a bad cop dead and going on the run. With Rori, the chief’s daughter under his protection, Heath must figure out how to outrun and outsmart Burke and his highly trained bounty hunter, Art Dominguez, who will stop at nothing until both he and Rori are murdered.... [Read More...]

Rock My Soul: Rising Wind Series (Book 5)

Book Five of the Rising Wind this exciting series follows the adventures of Secora James, a paleontology professor as she digs into risky mysteries around the world regarding ancient religions, myths, legends, and even wildlife that are thought to be extinct. Or are they? Secora is joined by her husband, Gideon Yellow Thunder, in their mysterious and often dodgy confrontations. Diane Olsen’s Rock My Soul, is a multicultural adventure journey, that features Secora and Gideon’s encounters wit... [Read More...]

The ALPHA Trial

Andy Hartley has the chance to litigate the fallout of the controversial “Unlock” procedure with the highest stakes imaginable: his client’s life. The trial of Jordan Semanter takes society back to a time it was happy to forget – when Unlocks were legal and “moles” were among us. It’s Andy’s job to make the world remember. Andy has only himself and his hodgepodge legal team to take on Deputy U.S. Attorney Frank Guild – a former soldier and amputee survivor of t... [Read More...]

Free: Conflict of Intrigues: The Marylebone Intersection

“The microchip is back in play.”Six words. Meaningless to anyone else. To Dr. Jon Markston, however, those words—uttered by the hushed voice on the other end of an unfamiliar number—are fraught with disturbing insinuations. For the former British Army Captain, now Royal Military Academy Sandhurst professor, hearing an unknown caller resurrect a ten-year-old operation, with a hint at a WikiLeaks-style exposure of classified intelligence that was once in his care, is thoroughly al... [Read More...]

Holidays with Dray

Everyone looks forward to the holidays with Dray and Eve and the entire Royce family. But this holiday season will be like no other in a way that no one ever imagined, and these mysterious, nefarious things start as the holiday season begins and will end with a holiday that will go down as the most memorable in Royce family history. $3.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]