Free: The Gemini Connection

This intriguing thriller follows the intertwining lives of Dr Evie Longshaw and MI5 operatives Jackson Bridges and Harry Rivers. When Evie unexpectedly becomes the recipient of coded messages from a terrorist hotspot, it leads the three of them on a perilous chase across Europe. Set against a geopolitical landscape, the plot combines humour and pathos with enough twists and turns to keep you hooked. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

No Caller ID

As a psychotherapist, MJ Lange is no stranger to anonymous calls at odd hours. But when a gunshot rings out on a call with a client she is about to meet for the first time, MJ becomes terrified for her own life. Thrust into the action, her clients in the crosshairs of a killer, MJ Lange must unravel the mystery to save her clients and herself from becoming the killers next victims. Set on the gritty streets of Venice, California, No Caller ID is a wild ride of suspense, self-doubt, and the shee... [Read More...]

The Wolf’s Treasure

Brooke Reynolds had once been an integral part of Team Reaper. Now, shes taking on a new kind of mission The Schmidt Foundation is hellbent on finding and restoring a priceless treasure worth more than is imaginable, accrued by the Nazis during the second great war. They seek to return this priceless artifact to its rightful place. But when their strongest lead culminates in the death of one of their own on the shores of Lake Toplitz, Johann Schmidt turns to the two people he knows can help the... [Read More...]

The Secret Between Them

Sage Witten’s fairy-tale marriage crumbles when she discovers she’s being watched. At 23, she realizes her handsome millionaire husband is a stranger, compounded by a terrifying stalker encounter. A trip back to her hometown for her childhood friend’s engagement party seems like an opportunity to reconcile her past, but Sage soon finds herself in a world of confusion, not knowing who she can trust or what she should believe. Dark secrets and whispers of the past force Sage to ... [Read More...]

Fatal Flaw: An Almost True Story of Deceit, Revenge and Murder

Step into the shadows of a marriage consumed by danger and secrets. In Fatal Flaw, Maggie Wallis faces a harrowing choice: save her crumbling marriage or her daughter from a sinister past. Can she summon the courage to face the truth, whatever the cost? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]