Free: Nobody’s Child: A Georgia Davis PI Thriller (Georgia Davis Series Book 4)

In “Nobody’s Child,” PI Georgia Davis is plunged into a heart-wrenching investigation when she discovers the existence of a half-sister she never knew she had. As she dives deeper into the seedy underbelly of Chicago, Georgia discovers that her sister is caught up in a web of danger and violence that threatens both their lives. With time running out and an old enemy hot on their trail, Georgia must summon all her strength and courage to fight for survival in this pulse-poundin... [Read More...]

Dragging Down

Miami- Dade Detective Remy Ferguson investigates the gruesome death and dismemberment of a young woman discovered in Everglades National Park. The cause appears to be a rare attack by an alligator disturbed from its rest along the edges of the marsh. Then, forensic results point to a motive more ruthless and revolting than any found in a wildlife encounter – will someone get away with murder? Read now to discover Remy’s bold and irregular tactic that uncovers the twisted truth. $0.99 on... [Read More...]

Free: Heinous Crimes Unit

The latest serial killer is the sickest in history. Can a 23-year old rookie with two PhDs stop him? The bodies are piling up and the public is terrified they could be next, adding to the pressure. Will Christian’s unique way of looking at problems be the answer? Or will the unexpected turns of the case lead to him paying the ultimate price? From Free to $4.99 on Kindle. Learn More ... [Read More...]

Free: Milkshakes and Murder

Will they solve this ice cold crime in time? Everyone’s favorite mother and daughter catering and crime solving duo returns for another adventure. Mom’s quest to win Best Milkshake in the Fletcher Canyon newspaper sparks a rivalry with the neighborhood diner. But when the judge dies after tasting Mom’s milkshake, Mom and Christy’s catering business flat lines. Mom’s sure it was sabotage gone awry, but Christy thinks it was murder. Can she convince Mom to widen her ... [Read More...]