The Cat Who Chased Ghosts: A Magical Tale of Courage and Friendship

In a sleepy little town, an ordinary-looking cat hides an extraordinary secret that will transform his owners’ lives forever. When the Thompson family inherits a dilapidated old house, their overprotected son Timmy forms a strong bond with Whiskers a chronically lazy tabby who is not what he seems. As Timmy explores the house’s mysteries, a chilling discovery puts his courage to the test. With the help of Whiskers and some newfound friends, he must face supernatural forces beyond hi... [Read More...]

Cole Springer Trilogy

Springer’s Gambit is both fluent and riveting. Robert B. Parker, bestselling author of the Spenser and Jesse Stone mystery series COLE SPRINGER HAS A MUSICAL SOUL, A QUICK WIT, AND A CON-MANS MIND. Ex-Secret Service Agent Cole Springer has exchanged his badge for a piano and the high-altitude life of Aspen, Colorado. But he hasn’t lost his appetite for danger. Springer delights in playing button men and gangsters for personal gain and amusement. While an affable man, he’s toug... [Read More...]

The Crimson Triangle

In the shadowy depths of the Puerto Rican Trench, far below the tranquil surface of the ocean, lies a realm where the ancient secrets of the sea whisper among the dark currents. Here, in the foreboding expanse known as the Crimson Triangle, Eliana, a gifted marine biologist, leads her team into the heart of the Bermuda Triangle’s mysteries on a perilous quest that will challenge the very essence of their understanding of nature and the supernatural. As a sinister darkness begins to rise i... [Read More...]

The Patriot Oath

AND HE THOUGHT BEING IN THE MARINES WAS TOUGH After twenty-four years, Special Forces legend Josh Kavanagh has retired from the military. But now that he’s home, he’s finding that everyone has a different understanding of his motivations, and realizes that there are some wounds no amount of time can heal. Josh’s traumatized sister, Suki, thinks her big brother is a hero and has come home to punish her rapist, the youngest son of a ruthless, crooked billionaire who lives to get... [Read More...]

Free: The Last Diva

Have you ever wondered how the average and talentless seemingly rise from nowhere and achieve great success? The Last Diva blurs the lines between fantasy and reality when it comes to the world of showbusiness. Decide for yourself what is real, possible or just a conspiracy. Your ratings and reviews will be gratefully received. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Trickster: (A Thorn Novel Book 16)

When a mysterious girl arrives at Thorn’s doorstep, her presence ignites a chain of events that unravels his world. This unexpected encounter reveals a chilling secret: every misfortune Thorn has faced over the past twenty years has been carefully crafted by a sinister figure known only as the Trickster. As Thorn delves deeper into this dark conspiracy, he discovers that the Tricksters ultimate, deadly game is about to reach its final, devastating stage. Now, Thorn must confront the shado... [Read More...]

Twisted Reality

How well do you really know the person you vowed to spend your life with? When Tonya Porter meets Darryl, he’s everything Tonya’s dreamed of: thoughtful, engaging, and seemingly head over heels for her. For once, Tonya thinks she might have found her happily ever after. But as their relationship progresses from dating to a quick walk down the aisle, the fairy tale starts to crack. Darryl’s attentiveness turns into an obsession. His texts and calls aren’t just frequent; t... [Read More...]

Free: Keeper of the Secret

Once a misfit dropout, Mike now directs the fate of man versus machine. In a future where the boundaries between artificial intelligence and human ambition blur, Mike becomes the linchpin in a critical battle of wills. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), an enigmatic digital entity with the power to rewrite the rules of existence, is at the heart of this clash. Mike experiences the exhilaration and terror of creating an AI startup that develops deep machine-learning secrets for AGI. Finding ... [Read More...]