Free: The Adelaide Henson Mystery Series

Mystery, Intrigue, Action! Characters you will love and characters you will love to see meet their fate. Strongly developed players who grow as the saga unfolds, one book to the next. Henson leads the charge against strange enemies as she becomes the powerful woman she is destined to be. This series features a female protagonist as a detective assigned to a case of a murdered woman. The woman is married to a dangerous, retired mobster. The investigation leads the detective to Miami and Chicago ... [Read More...]

Free: Silent Sands (Agnes Taylor Mystery)

Happy Birthday, Agatha! Celebrate Agatha Christie’s 131st birthday on September 15 with a Whodunit! A special one-day free download – Silent Sands – Book 1 of the new Agnes Taylor Mystery Series. Join Agnes and her elderly mom on their fateful trip to a German North Sea Island. From the very first, Canadian Prof. Agnes feels uneasy. Agreed, their reed-thatched cottage is adorable. But tension mounts—both between mother and daughter, and in the idyllic North Sea town. Early one morni... [Read More...]

Kate Albertson Mysteries

Kate Albertson is a dog lover, a word nerd and a top-notch diamond thief. She also has a knack for landing in the middle of homicide investigations. Follow Kate’s adventures as she relies on wit and sass, not to mention some serious burglar skills, to solve one lively, page-turning, laugh-out-loud whodunnit after another. $0.99 to 4.99 on Kindle.   Learn More ... [Read More...]

As Sure As Death & Taxes

This financial geopolitical thriller, deals with Paul Sense, a portfolio manager entrapped by a rogue CIA agent, looking to destabilize the Islamic Republic of Iran. The unwanted mission takes the hero from London, New York, and Geneva to Dubai.The novel mixes the espionage genre with a financial backdrop and romance with tragic setbacks. Most characters are everyday individuals rising to unwilling hero status for seeking to do the right thing. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Canaryville

“Newton is the real deal. I’ll read anything he writes.” – Lee Child As multiple homicides rock Chicago, homicide lieutenant Denny Banahan races to prove the killings are a purge within the Irish mob, not another “Red Summer”—Chicago’s rampage of racial murder in 1919. Denny has 36 hours to stop the city from descending into a race war – or ignite it. ... [Read More...]


Faced with an adversary hellbent on her destruction, can Special Agent Dabria survive the onslaught, or will a well-orchestrated plot spell her demise? Charlotte, North Carolina. From age eleven, Special Agent Dabria has been tormented by the murder of her parents. Though her FBI credentials can open the darkest doors, the determined agent constantly battles an enemy intent on her death. When children begin disappearing from a gated community, Dabria is thrust into the spotlight and her journey... [Read More...]

Whisper County

Nice guy and farmer Gus meets the girl of his dreams. One date with the beautiful and mysterious Annabelle and his life becomes an instant nightmare when she disappears and he finds himself in jail facing murder charges. His blood-spattered farm is all the evidence law enforcement needs to cuff him and haul him into the small town jail. Half of his believes he must be put away for life, and half of the town believe someone as good as Gus couldn’t hurt a flea. The determined lawyer and his... [Read More...]

Sins of the Mother

At the top of a mountain, a cult of women pray for the end of the world. In the town below, a violent white supremacist thinks his daughter has been kidnapped. Caitlin Bergman’s search for her birth mother may set the world on fire. Perfect for fans of Julia Keller, Tess Gerritsen, and Michael Koryta – voted one of Suspense Magazine’s Best Thrillers of 2020. $1.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Full Force: First Novels from the World of Iniquus Romantic Suspense Mystery Thrillers

Welcome to Iniquus Security… …where ex-special forces live, work, and love in a world of action-adventure. You’ll meet a cast of characters who will stay with you for life, as they move from one adventure to the next. Each book is part of a larger series. All of them intertwine. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]