Supernatural, Historical Mystery

Book Two of the Inspector Mage series by Aleese Hughes combines several genre elements: supernatural suspense, historical fiction and police procedural, in an absorbing series opener. Book 2 of the Inspector Mage Series Picking up from the first book’s careful world-building: in Hughes’ universe, set on the planet Dagirus, the ruling class of Oserans hold a range of supernatural gifts inherited and honed over generations... [Read More...]

A Colossal Injustice – Murder Mystery

A fun and easy-to-read murder mystery, A Colossal Injustice, takes readers on an enthralling ride as homicide detective Griffin Knight attempts to solve a murder case that’s bigger than he imagined. As the second book in the The Griffin Knight Series, this novella picks up from the teaser-ending of the first in the series  Do Nothing.  Author Miguel Angel Hernandez, has his homicide detective Griffin Knight begin the painstaking task of pulling apart the complex threads of corporate corr... [Read More...]

The Windsor Knot by SJ Bennett

The first in a series of gentle, witty mystery novels, The Windsor Knot wears its most obvious influence lightly, in a Miss. Marple-esque story with a novel, timely twist. Bennett’s amateur sleuth is none other than her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Told largely from the perspective of the Queen and her staff during her 90th decade, the story posits an intriguing ‘what if’: Bennett considers how the most connected ‘little old lady in a hat’ on earth might use her not inconsiderable... [Read More...]

Do Nothing: A Griffin Knight Murder Mystery

A robust, workmanlike debut in the mystery genre by Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr., Do Nothing introduces Griffin Knight, a hard-bitten (is there any other kind?) New York City homicide detective. Knight takes on a vengeful serial murderer who enjoys a theatrical flourish (again, fiction knows few other types) and the novel plunges straight in with the brutal killing of a successful District Attorney in her own home. Next on the killer’s hitlist: a private detective, a retired judge and a man rece... [Read More...]

LGBTQ Mystery Novels

Do you love the suspense of a great mystery novel but find it difficult to relate to the main characters in most books? Author and Air Force veteran Vickie Adams may have created the content you’ve been searching for! Adams has always had a passion for writing, crafting numerous works of fiction based on her own lived experiences in the LGBTQ+ community and the military. If you’re looking for compelling thrillers that represent a range of gender and sexual identities, check out these two rec... [Read More...]

DI Keen Investigates: Murder Mystery Series by William Foster

In the mood for a gritty, suspenseful mystery series that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final chapter? Look no further than the DI Keen Investigates series by author William Foster. A Very Polite Murder A Very Polite Murder is William Foster’s debut novel and the first of the DI Keen Investigates series. This dark and twisted thriller novel explores a serial killer’s descent into crime while also reflecting on the effects these actions have on victims. DI Keen’s invest... [Read More...]

Spies, Assassins and the Mossad: Thrillers by Leonard Di Gregorio

Meet former spy Moshe Kaplan. He just wants to live out a quiet, peaceful retirement but he keeps getting pulled back into covert operations to stop a terrorist or otherwise sinister plots. As a former agent of the Mossad (the Israeli intelligence service), Kaplan is a trained assassin and is sometimes hunted by other assassins. If you’re a fan of spy fiction, you might like Leonard Di Gregorio Moshe Kaplan thriller series for the true-to-life details and heart-racing storylines. Here are more... [Read More...]

Codename Poltergeist

Fans of spy novels and political thrillers might like this entertaining novel that blends in a dash of the paranormal. Codename Poltergeist by William Joel features many familiar thriller tropes – conspiracies on Capitol Hill, CIA, local lawmen at loggerheads, and a hero who finds his world is no longer quite home. This last is quite literal – our hard-boiled hero James Halyard (whose codename is Poltergeist) is from a race of angelic-type beings (possible aliens) who monitor the Earth. Afte... [Read More...]

Crush, an Erotic Thriller that Exposes the Secret Life of Katty

Some of us have two sides that define who we truly are as a person. Our  public identity, the life, and character that we show to family, coworkers, and neighbors. And then there is the shadow identity that we live out in secret…but what happens when the secret shadow identity becomes threatened with exposure? Welcome to the erotic mystery, Crush by author Jitka Moody. As the reader, you are welcomed into the world of Crush as you observe the heroine of the story, Katty, preparing herself m... [Read More...]

Exploring the Lives of Others: Books by M. Barrett Miller

Lifelong traveler and author M. Barrett Miller has visited dozens of countries and met fascinating people from all over the world. Inspired by the unique characters he has met and the obstacles they have overcome, Miller decided to write two memoirs about these individuals. As a history enthusiast, Miller also wrote a series of fictional thrillers inspired by the real-life histories of different countries. If you’re passionate about helping others and hearing new perspectives, you’ll want to... [Read More...]