DI Keen Investigates: Murder Mystery Series by William Foster

In the mood for a gritty, suspenseful mystery series that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final chapter? Look no further than the DI Keen Investigates series by author William Foster.

A Very Polite Murder

A Very Polite Murder is William Foster’s debut novel and the first of the DI Keen Investigates series. This dark and twisted thriller novel explores a serial killer’s descent into crime while also reflecting on the effects these actions have on victims. DI Keen’s investigations lead him through a whirlwind of disturbing acts and difficult emotions until he finally solves the case… or so he thinks.

Murder of a Familiar Stranger

Charlie Davies is a 16-year-old kid who has been working with his grandfather to make some extra cash. His goal is to help him and his family get back on their feet after debt took a toll on their lives and relationships.

However, trouble arises until Charlie’s alcoholic step-father goes searching for cash and stumbles upon Charlie’s hidden funds. Then, Charlie disappears.

DI Keen is determined to find the young runaway while continuing to investigate a series of unusual murders in the area. However, neither task comes easily.

The Morals of Murder

DI Keen is brought in to investigate a seemingly impossible murder. A dead, bloody man is found in an alley near a bookstore. The alley only has one entrance, and at the other end is an unscalable 15-foot wall. Witnesses say they saw the victim run into the alley, but didn’t see anyone else go in after him or leave the alley later.

DI Keen has a hunch that the bookstore owner knows more than he’s letting on, and may even be responsible for the gruesome murder. Keen just has to prove it to everyone else.

The Wisdom of Murder

After a second woman is reported missing from the same company, DI Keen becomes entangled in the conspiracies about them. He continually tries to investigate different leads, but all of his discoveries keep pointing him back to his original prime suspect.

When it’s announced that there will be a large dinner party, with important members of the suspicious company attending, DI Keen knows he has to get himself an invitation. If he can just get in, he’ll be able to prove his dedication once and for all.

Murder at the Eagles Nest

Rhys Jones has been in prison for the past 5 years. When he’s finally released, his two alleged victims, Beth and Shell, want answers. But they soon realize that Rhys may not be the actual perpetrator.

It’s up to DI Keen to review the events and crimes that took place 5 years ago and attempt to find who was actually responsible for the women’s traumatic experiences. However, it’s easy to get stories twisted when you go back in time.


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