A Colossal Injustice – Murder Mystery

A fun and easy-to-read murder mystery, A Colossal Injustice, takes readers on an enthralling ride as homicide detective Griffin Knight attempts to solve a murder case that’s bigger than he imagined.

As the second book in the The Griffin Knight Series, this novella picks up from the teaser-ending of the first in the series  Do Nothing.  Author Miguel Angel Hernandez, has his homicide detective Griffin Knight begin the painstaking task of pulling apart the complex threads of corporate corruption, organized crime, and murder. With the help of the mysterious and eerily efficient white-hat hacker from book one, Knight begins by following the money: financial wrongdoing and unexplained transactions that link a successful tech firm Colossus with a gangland kingpin.

As a detective, Knight, has an uncanny ability to blend into the background…a clear asset to any investigator. And his ensuing investigation in A Colossal Injustice takes him from New York City to the less pleasant parts of Seattle and places him squarely on the radar of a pragmatic, powerful mob boss Brutus. Leader of the improbably named Killer Owls, Brutus heads a narcotics empire whose influence is pervasive. With judges, lawyers and crooked cops on Brutus’ payroll, it takes considerable tenacity for Griffin and the local help he enlists to break the case.

The twisting action moves from the thrumming underworld to the boardroom and back, via Colossus CEO Sapphire Rushland, a woman deeply embroiled in the darkness at the heart of her firm. She’s also a brisk businesswoman and the apex of an intriguing polyamorous triangle. Sapphire’s shown enjoying her power in several different ways and is perhaps a more engaging antagonist than that of Do Nothing. As the powerful woman in a man’s world, Sapphire is one of a cast of characters that includes a loyal servant, the grieving family member, the cop, and the unfortunate patsy who stumbles onto a dangerous secret.

A Colossal Injustice unfurls over chapters narrated by each of the main characters in turn. This narration style suspensefully drip-feeds us the plot as we want to know more and more.  A Colossal Injustice benefits from a strong sense of place and its author’s lived experience of law enforcement, as well as a welcome brevity. The book also leaves open-range for Knight’s future adventures.  All in all, A Colossal Injustice is an intoxicatingly enjoyable read.


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