Free: A Fair Knight Slain: Murder at the Renaissance Fair

A Fair Knight Slain: MUrder at the Renaissance Fair

A knights brutal death exposes political intrigue and romantic rivalries at a Florida Renaissance fair.

Detectives Sara and Ryker are worlds apart. She’s a former wilderness adventure racer; he’s overweight and never left the city. Both are dealing with their own past traumas and estrangements.

If the case goes unsolved before the fair ends in nine days, their boss will lose the mayoral election to a drug lord.

The village setting bustles with colorful Renaissance costumes, music, and lingering aromas. Sara and Ryker must sort through a motley crew of suspects: knights, Scots, a crazed Viking, adulterous queen, blacksmith, falconer, belly dancer, and fortune teller.

After-hour parties in the Scot and Roma camps are rife with complex layers of deceit, power struggles, jealousies, rivalry, and romantic intrigue that intertwine suspects in multiple twists and turns.

Ryker goes undercover to find dirt on the drug lord. In the surprise ending, a shocking detail sends Sara in a perilous pursuit of the killer through the Okefenokee Swamp.

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