Spies, Assassins and the Mossad: Thrillers by Leonard Di Gregorio

Meet former spy Moshe Kaplan. He just wants to live out a quiet, peaceful retirement but he keeps getting pulled back into covert operations to stop a terrorist or otherwise sinister plots. As a former agent of the Mossad (the Israeli intelligence service), Kaplan is a trained assassin and is sometimes hunted by other assassins. If you’re a fan of spy fiction, you might like Leonard Di Gregorio Moshe Kaplan thriller series for the true-to-life details and heart-racing storylines. Here are more details about the series.

Red Herring

“She stood before the TV and searched the news channels. There it is. Oh, my God. Is that Tina’s plane? Please, God no.Red Herring starts with quite a literal boom as the main heroine Holly Flynn awakes to discover the plane Bermudian Air flight 47 that one of her best friends aboard had just crashed into the Atlantic with reports of no survivors. And Red Herring only gets more intense from there as Holly Flynn is pushed beyond limits as she and her partner and lover Moshe Kaplan find themselves pulling at investigative threads that might lead them to answers that could very well cost them their lives. Leonard Di Gregorio does a fantastic job at carrying the story as if you were watching the events of the book happen in real-time.


Join Leonard Di Gregorio in this Mossad thriller spy assassin novel RAGE that continues to follow the story and life of retired Mossad spy assassin Moshe Kaplan. What seemingly starts as a beautiful day with his lover and partner in life Holly Flynn, is unexpectedly interrupted when Moshe gets a phone call from his sister telling him that their father has been shot and they need him home asap. Though the family might believe that it was an unfortunate and random shooting. Moshe knows better. Someone in his career field doesn’t get to retire without learning that there is always something more sinister at play in the shadows. Whatever the threat is, it’s deadly and dangerous enough to force Moshe out of retirement to do whatever it takes to not only avenge his father’s shooting but possibly even save an entire city.


Hunted follows the mystery and thriller-filled adventures of Ex-Mossad spy assassin Moshe Kaplan who has once again found himself pulled into a deep web of heart-pounding danger with personal and emotional stakes at an all-time high. Leonard Di Gregorio takes his readers immediately into the heat of the action from the very first sentence of this Mossad thriller. If you are looking for a riveting man-hunt story that doesn’t pull any punches from the very start and leaves you wanting more at the end of every chapter, Hunted is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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