LGBTQ Mystery Novels

Do you love the suspense of a great mystery novel but find it difficult to relate to the main characters in most books? Author and Air Force veteran Vickie Adams may have created the content you’ve been searching for!

Adams has always had a passion for writing, crafting numerous works of fiction based on her own lived experiences in the LGBTQ+ community and the military. If you’re looking for compelling thrillers that represent a range of gender and sexual identities, check out these two recent books by Adams.

Out of the Shadows

Air Force training instructor Sergeant Martha Richards is shocked when a deadly explosion happens too close to home, at a bar she and her girlfriend frequently visit. Martha’s girlfriend, Tess, and the owner of the bar, Jennifer, are immediately identified as suspects and accused of arson and murder. Martha knows they’re not at fault, but circumstantial evidence is making the innocent women look guilty to other townsfolk. Martha vows to clear their names and discover who the real criminal is.

When other lesbian bars in the region face similar attacks, Martha fears that there’s something much bigger going on. Some sort of hateful conspiracy or cover-up seems to be at the root of all the destruction and hurt. As she digs deeper and deeper into the case, she accepts that she’s risking both her career and her life for justice — and Tess.


When Cam finds out her grandfather is dying, she returns to her hometown in Tennessee to visit him one last time. For years, Cam has been estranged from most of her relatives, and she has built a perfectly happy life for herself without them in it. However, when her grandfather confesses a secret to Cam about her absent father, she becomes determined to learn more information about the parent she never met.

During this tumultuous time, Cam is totally unprepared to bump into Anne, an old friend from high school. As the two women rekindle their friendship, it starts blossoming into something more than either of them could have imagined.


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