Twisted Reality

Twisted Reality
How well do you really know the person you vowed to spend your life with?

When Tonya Porter meets Darryl, he’s everything Tonya’s dreamed of: thoughtful, engaging, and seemingly head over heels for her. For once, Tonya thinks she might have found her happily ever after.

But as their relationship progresses from dating to a quick walk down the aisle, the fairy tale starts to crack. Darryl’s attentiveness turns into an obsession. His texts and calls aren’t just frequent; they’re constant. His jealousy isn’t protective; it’s controlling. And Tonya, who thought she’d finally found the one, now finds herself in a love story gone wrong.

Caught in a web she helped to weave, Tonya faces a stark choice: stay with Darryl and cling to the shards of her dream, or break free and face the daunting unknown. $0.99 on Kindle.
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