The Pond At Sycamore Shoals (Miss Fortune World: Walter’s Waterside Adventures)

The Pond At Sycamore Shoals (Miss Fortune World: Walter's Waterside Adventures)
~A Miss Fortune Universe Novel~

While Ida Belle and Gertie are off to New Orleans to care for a sick friend, Fortune looks forward to a restful week alone. Unfortunately, her plans are soon shot after two pint-sized children show up at Walter’s General Store in search of water pistols and other creative weaponry.

Olivia and Oliver Bergeron pitch a disturbing tale. Their mother was killed. Their uncle did it. And their dad may be next. Since time is of the essence, Fortune turns to Big and Little Hebert in hopes of finding clues.

Soon, Walter and Fortune are on a wild goose chase in hopes of preventing another murder, but no one can prepare them for the games Oliver and Olivia play as they attempt to take matters into their own hands. $3.99 on Kindle.
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