Misplaced Scrutiny

Misplaced Scrutiny
Can women truly trust their medical test results?

Dedicated pathologist Dr. Sophie Cadeaux is determined to find the answer to that question no matter what it takes.

When a shocking expos uncovers labs putting profits ahead of patients, Sophie’s world is shaken to its core. While regulatory action may promise to restore faith in the system, Sophie suspects a hidden agenda remains at play.

On a journey to uncover the truth, Sophie is taken from the serene beaches of Jamaica to snow-covered forest trails and even to the Argentine tango dance floor. Alongside unexpected allies and the brilliant biochemist Dr. Novikov, who she’s had her eye on for ages, Sophie is willing to do anything if it means protecting her patients.

As the truth comes to light, danger lurks in the shadows. Can Sophie expose the dangerous scheme before that danger consumes her completely? Will women ever be able to trust their test results again?

In Misplaced Scrutiny, the gripping sequel to Cancer Under the Carpet, Dr. Sophie Cadeaux takes center stage in a chillingly realistic world of corruption and legal action. In this heart-pounding medical thriller, discover if trust can be found amid the chaos of misplaced scrutiny. $0.99 on Kindle.
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