Will Harper Florida Thrillers: Vol. 1-6

Immerse yourself in the heart of Florida’s intrigue with Will Harper in this captivating collection of six thrillers. Follow the former investigative reporter turned detective as he tackles the state’s most daunting mysteries, from political corruption to environmental disasters and beyond.

This box set brings you:

Six Engrossing Tales: Join Will as he confronts mobsters, corrupt officials, and dark secrets across Florida’s stunning yet perilous landscapes from its sun-drenched waterways to treacherous swamps.

Intriguing Characters: Get to know Will Harper, a semi-retired journalist with a thirst for justice, navigating through danger and complex romantic entanglements.

Vivid Settings: Experience the suspense and drama set against the backdrop of Florida’s lush scenery and hidden dangers.
Highlighted Titles Include:

“Million Dollar Staircase”: Discover a conspiracy that hits too close to home for Will.
“Guilty Money”: A deep dive into betrayal within Florida’s justice system.
“Florida Burning”: Race against time to solve a deadly environmental threat.
Plus three more thrilling adventures.

Perfect for enthusiasts of Florida noir and readers in search of a hero with unmatched determination and a heart for justice. If the maritime charm of John D. McDonald’s Travis McGee or Randy Wayne White’s Doc Ford resonates with you, then Will Harper is set to become your next beloved detective.

Don’t miss this cornerstone collection that promises non-stop action, mystery, and the unique allure of Florida through the eyes of an unforgettable protagonist. Grab your copy of the Will Harper Florida Thrillers and dive into a world where every page turns into another thrilling adventure. $9.99 on Kindle.
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