Barnstorming Detective: Fallen Aces

Barnstorming Detective: Fallen AcesIn the thrilling world of the 1930 Chicago Air Races, one young pilot’s dream is derailed when disaster strikes.TJ O’Connell, a determined young Irish-American pilot from the north side of Chicago, aims to win the competition and fund his dream of attending college. However, tragedy strikes when a renowned American ace crashes during a practice run, and TJ is wrongfully accused of causing the disaster.

To clear his name and secure his future, TJ must find the truth with the help of allies he meets along the way. As they delve deeper into the aviation world, they unearth a web of secrets, rivalries, and prejudices that threaten to tarnish TJ’s dreams.

From the gritty streets of Chicago to the dazzling heights of the racecourse, TJ must race against time to uncover the truth. Will he emerge victorious in both the hearing room and the skies, or will the shadows of suspicion forever eclipse his ambitions?

“Barnstorming Detective: Fallen Aces” is a gripping mystery that propels readers into a world where honor, ambition, and justice collide at breakneck speed. Prepare for a riveting journey that will keep you enthralled until the final page, as the secrets of the Windy City’s aviation elite are unveiled. $0.99 on Kindle
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