Sipping Wine & Fishing For Bodies

In her favorite secluded fishing hole, Abigail is taken aback (and almost too excited) to find a mysterious stranger dead in the water. With her pet ferret Flick as company, Abigail Stone runs Sweet Street, a cozy ice cream shop in the small quaint town of Shelter Mountain, Alaska – along with a couple of disgruntled employees who want nothing to do with actual “work”. As an avid mystery reader, Abigail thinks she could practically solve any crime in her sleep. Upon discovering a dead... [Read More...]

Murder at the Caravan

When a woman calls the local Garda station reporting her brother missing, Sergeant Séan Mulholland grudgingly heads to the man’s coastal caravan home to search for him. A body is later found, and Galway detective Maureen Lyons is summoned to investigate. But when the pieces of the puzzle don’t slot together, it will take good policework to solve the mystery. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Things Unseen: Amateur Detective Murder Mystery with Metaphysical Underpinnings (The Isaak Collection)

Emotionally distant Walker Clayborne’s preference for stable rocks over people shifts when sister Claire’s murder thrusts him into a world of ideals and mysticism. Seeking answers, he explores her community, confronting his scientific beliefs for spiritual insights on her death. Without evidence, legal clashes arise. A friend’s claim of witnessing the murder tests his stance in an uncertain world. Things Unseen delves into faith and reason amid a murder mystery. $0.99 on Kindl... [Read More...]


The anger was building. The Quiet Man had trouble controlling it before, but now it was boiling over. He had been taught techniques to control his anger, including writing poetry, but this time it would not be enough. A poetic killer leads agent Don Trask down a twisting, turning road of murder to a destination he never imagined in Poetry for The Dead. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]