The Agnes Taylor Mystery Series: Compelling Whodunit Stories

If you’re a fan of mystery writers like Agatha Christie and Louise Penny, you’ll love Eva Bernhard’s traditional style of storytelling. Bernhard was inspired by the works of Agatha Christie with their gripping narratives and balance between suspense and tension. Bernhard’s lifelong passion for crime fiction and murder mysteries eventually helped her create the character of Agnes Taylor. Bernhard is also a member of the Crime Writers of Canada and Sisters in Crime, drawing inspiration and support from her fellow writers who have devious imaginations.

Absent Beauty (Prequel to Agnes Taylor Mystery Series)

In this short prequel to the first novel of the Agnes Taylor Mystery series, Dr. Agnes Taylor is excited for a trip to a scholarly conference in Halifax. She daydreams about networking with other professionals and impressing the right people in order to land a teaching job at a prestigious university. However, the trip goes off the rails before Dr. Taylor has a chance to dazzle the conference attendees.

First, Dr. Taylor’s friend and travel partner, Rachel, has been acting strange lately, keeping Dr. Taylor on her toes. Secondly, Dr. Taylor’s plans with her mother fall apart when issues with a difficult student come up. Then, Dr. Taylor learns of a murderous crime that happened a bit too close for comfort.

Follow her on her path to becoming an amateur sleuth in this action-packed novella, which happens a few years before the next book featuring Dr. Taylor: Silent Sands!


Silent Sands (Agnes Taylor Mystery Book 1)

Dr. Agnes Taylor is surprised when her mother, Sera, invites her on a trip to an island in the German North Sea, but the vacation sounds like the perfect holiday nonetheless. Despite the fact that Agnes rarely visits her mother in their home country of Canada, she figures the vacation will be a good opportunity for both of them to recharge and reconnect with one another. However, the two university professors quickly start butting heads, and they soon retreat to different parts of the island.

Meanwhile, the rest of the island is in a state of chaos. A wind turbine project angers islanders and draws several protesters. Agnes tries to stay hopeful while enjoying her little seaside cottage, but then she wakes up one morning to find that her mother has gone missing. In a foreign country alone, will Agnes be able to find her mom before it’s too late?

Look for more to come in the Agnes Taylor series next year.


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