Fresh Start

A secret family legacy becomes a ticking time bomb…Skyscraper developer, Quincy Witherman, has continued his family’s two-hundred-year practice of hiding assets in Switzerland. Now, needing protection from his creditors, he hires bankruptcy lawyer Josephina Jillian Jones – 3J – but fails to disclose the Swiss assets to 3J, his bankers, the IRS, and the bankruptcy court…all felonies. 3J knows in her gut that something is wrong. So does Witherman’s banker, Stacy Milnes... [Read More...]

When Blood Whispers

Wendy meets her online date and gets the creepies, and leaves. Steven, a tech security guy, tells her it’s not over. Soon Wendy’s family receives ghost emails that disappear after being read. She sends her brother-in-law over to Steven’s house to warn him off. The police don’t believe her about the emails. Her brother-in-law is charged with murder based on blood evidence and no body. The only ones that can save the day are Wendy, her sister, and her mother. This is a cut... [Read More...]

Waiting for the Night Song

When a long-buried body is unearthed in her hometown, a forestry researcher returns home to face her past and decide what she is willing to risk to protect the people and the forest she loves. A story about friendships forged in childhood magic and ruptured by the high price of secrets that leave you forever changed. Waiting for the Night Song is a love song to the natural beauty around us, a call to fight for what we believe in, and a reminder that the truth will always rise. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Phoenix Series: Books 4- 6 (The Phoenix Series Box Set)

The Phoenix believes criminals should pay for their crimes. The system often fails to deliver the correct punishment. He can redress the balance. If you’re a fan of savage, underworld criminals, fast-paced action, and intense characters then you’ll enjoy following the Olympus Project and its fight against evil. ... [Read More...]

House Party Murder Rap: 1920s Historical Cozy Mystery (An Evie Parker Mystery Book 1)

Fun cozy mystery set in 1920s England. Evie Parker, Countess of Woodridge, is attending a house party. Along the way, an attempt is made on her life. Evie and her new chauffeur form an unlikely alliance to discover as much as they can before the killer can get it right. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

I Remember You

I have spent my life running away. Too late I realise the thing I am trying so desperately to escape is myself. And I can never run fast or far enough to do that. I have been caught, so I suppose this story is my confession. When Victoria escapes the prison of her childhood home, life threatens to overwhelm her. When her affair with an older, married man is exposed, Victoria runs, joining a touring theatre company. This leads her to Cornwall where a violent confrontation lands her in prison. Ke... [Read More...]

Deadly Woods: A Steve Thibault Mystery of Suspense

Steve Thibault’s heart has been dragged through the mud. Now he faces a career challenge investigating the death of a student at a primate center. The gorgeous information officer is his only ally, but he is frustrated by the uncooperative, tightlipped researchers. Sifting through each hidden truth and buried accusation, he discovers everybody seems to have a motive and another death is certain. Can this cop track down the killer still lurking in the lab? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]