Double Crosser

An action packed thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Maverick entrepreneur Krish Thomas built a billion-dollar business in alliance with Walter, a corrupt political fixer. Now he plans to steal a fortune – from his own company! But when a double crosser raises the stakes, puts his plan at risk & threatens his very survival, Krish is forced to choose between 2 stark alternatives – his fondest dream, or the girl he secretly loves. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


Hugo D’Guana, a detective who suffers from epilepsy is thrown into a world of crime and slowly uncovers a secret plot to cause a war between Britain and the United States, run by a cult caused Maze Enterprises. The deeper he goes into this terrorist conspiracy the closer he gets to a mentalist and shapeshifter called Enigma. He soon realizes that there are people with supernatural powers hiding in the world he knows. The further he goes into uncovering this terrorist plot, the more he rea... [Read More...]

Free: The Assassin’s Trail

An assassin has struck in Washington, DC. FBI Profiler Sean Kruger is called in to investigate. Recently married and in the twilight of his career, he declines the assignment. But when the assassin strikes close to home, it becomes personal. Kruger will need all his skills to stay alive and stop a deadly attack in the center of the United States. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

When Bad Things Happen Box Set

Ordinary people living their lives. Then bad things happen. A sheltered young mother and her medically fragile child disappear. Again. Just when security is within their grasp, those entrusted with their welfare turn on them, creating a parent’s worst nightmare. How do ordinary people react to extraordinary circumstances? When the world they knew is no longer safe, when those they held dearest turn their backs, what is left? Read the When Bad Things Happen series of psychological thriller... [Read More...]

The Box

A cold case, a serial killer, and a dead girl that won’t go away. Profiler FBI Agent Derek Reed is dealing with a costly mistake. A mistake leaving him with horrible physical injuries, plagued by nightmares, and the harsh reality a girl is dead because of him. Forced into a sixty-day medical leave, he heads from Arizona to Tennessee to see his family. Using his love of photography, he decides taking photos of old abandoned buildings will help distract him from the mess he’s made. When he fi... [Read More...]

The Comet

After graduating from university, Ahmed, a young man with a deep passion for astronomy, was able to find a non-paying part-time internship at the only space observatory in Morocco. While assisting a researcher there, the accidental discovery of a comet on a collision course with Earth changed his life completely. He was suddenly thrown in prison and tried for crimes he didn’t commit. Luckily, he had friends outside he didn’t know about yet…$4.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: One Night in November – A Thriller Novella

A beautiful house, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by landscaped gardens, a private forest, and … a fence of barbed wire. Catherine, a gorgeous young woman trapped in a golden cage, surrounded by luxury and … guards. It’s a cold, wet night in November. A night that should also be cause for celebration. But Catherine doesn’t feel like celebrating; she feels like something else. And this night offers her the perfect opportunity to make a long-overdue change in her lif... [Read More...]