5 Compelling Mystery Novels by Andrew Diamond

If you’ve been on the hunt for exciting new mysteries to add to your reading list, look no further than the novels written by author Andrew Diamond. Balancing dark humor with heart-pounding adventures and unforgettable characters, Diamond’s thrillers are sure to intrigue fans of mystery, crime, and noir.

Gate 76

This fascinating modern crime thriller was selected as one of Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2018 and BestThrillers.com’s Best Thrillers of 2018. The story introduces the reader to detective Freddy Ferguson, a troubled character who is trying to get to the bottom of a horrific crime that attracted national attention. When Ferguson believes he has finally located a single living witness to the heinous act, she flees, leaving him scrambling to find her before the criminals catch up to them.


Impala was the recipient of numerous awards, including the Gold Medal of the 2017 Readers’ Favorite Awards, an IndieReader Best of 2016 title, and a 1st place winner of genre fiction at the 24th Annual Writer’s Digest Awards. This novel is about retired hacker Russell Fitzpatrick, who gets a threatening email about owing a large sum of money to enemies of his old friend, Charlie. Fitzpatrick tries to ignore the threat, but after narrowly escaping from a stalker, a few thugs lurking in a nearby alleyway, and a determined FBI agent, he starts to wonder if Charlie had left behind more than just money.

Warren Lane

Described as a “dark comedy of errors,” Warren Lane is a suspenseful story interspersed with witty humor, forbidden romantic encounters, and criminal endeavors. After Susan Moore hires detective Warren Lane to investigate her husband’s suspicious behaviors, the detective’s own illicit affairs and troubling past become more obvious to others around him. People are starting to suspect that Lane has just as much to hide as those he investigates…

To Hell with Johnny Manic

Kirkus Reviews describes this dark, suspenseful novel as “[a] feverishly readable psychological noir.” It begins with a romantic spark between two unlikely and equally mysterious individuals, the wealthy John Manis (aka Johnny Manic), and the seductive, passionate Marilyn Dupree. The illicit romance takes a sharp turn when detective Lou Eisenfall becomes suspicious of the pair and begins to unravel the hidden history of deception and possible murder in John’s past. Will Johnny Manic be able to outrun his dark past, or is it finally time to face the light?

The Friday Cage

This suspenseful crime thriller introduces the reader to Claire Chastain, who becomes increasingly paranoid that she has a stalker. She can’t shake the feeling of being watched when she’s home alone, and she swears that someone has been breaking into her house just to move her things out of place. When she discovers that she may be the next target for something sinister, she realizes she has to carefully plan out her next move if she wants to survive.

If you love classic thrillers with unpredictable twists and page-turning suspense, pick up a novel by Andrew Diamond for a refreshing new voice in the beloved mystery genre!


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