The History of Mystery Novels

For well over 100 years, the mystery genre has fascinated readers with tales of unsolved crimes and the people who attempt to catch the criminal before it’s too late. Although mystery fiction encompasses a broad range of different subgenres (such as cozy mysteries, detective fiction, police procedurals, etc.), each mystery novel aims to stir up feelings of excitement, curiosity, and suspense within the reader. Whether you prefer to read about all the gory details of a crime scene or the amusi... [Read More...]

Dead Silent: A Box Set Collection

The secrets must be kept, or the body count will rise… Are you ready for the eighteen deadly crime thrillers that will keep you up all night? Shrouded in mystery, these thrillers by eighteen Wall Street Journal, USA Today and International Best-selling authors, will keep you turning the pages for weeks. It’s a limited-time collection that will introduce you to your new favorite writers. What made the art thieves kill? Why does the old case haunt the detective? Can the assassins be stopp... [Read More...]

Pender’s Death

Adam Pender’s living the life as the sole heir to his family’s fortune and corporate empire until his mother’s shocking death risks ruining everything. While the police think it’s an accident, Adam can’t ignore the many nagging questions surrounding her death. To make matters worse, he’s entering the fight of his life to protect his family’s company, while wanting to expand it and leave his mark on the family legacy. Now he’s risking it all to hunt for answers to his mother’s ... [Read More...]

The 7 She Saw

Throughout history and in just about every religion the number 7 has held significance. And in the small town of Briar Glen the secret of the 7 will forever haunt you. Blake Wilder is plagued with nightmares from her dark and twisted past. Fourteen years ago, her entire family was taken from her. Her parents murdered, and her sister taken. At the age of 22, Blake joined the FBI in hopes of one day discovering the truth behind the mysteries of her own past. The past few years since joining the F... [Read More...]

Do No Harm

Matthew was just a kid when his father was shot and killed by a home burglar. The culprit, Ted Nash, was sentenced to life in San Quentin prison. But that is not enough for Matthew, who obsesses over his father’s murder. He attends medical school to become a prison doctor where Nash is incarcerated. There is no such thing as a vigilante doctor…right? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Calcium Affair

A top scientist goes missing while on his way to a conference, leaving little clue behind. A mysterious figure ‘Calcium’ claims responsibility for his abduction through email. Calcium soon provides video evidence for his custody and starts blackmailing the police. With the police stuck without much progress after one full month, the case gets transferred to a Special Task Force team lead by John Wilson. Follow John and his team as they slowly unshackle the mystery in an investigatio... [Read More...]