The 7 She Saw

The 7 She Saw

Throughout history and in just about every religion the number 7 has held significance.
And in the small town of Briar Glen the secret of the 7 will forever haunt you.

Blake Wilder is plagued with nightmares from her dark and twisted past.
Fourteen years ago, her entire family was taken from her.
Her parents murdered, and her sister taken.
At the age of 22, Blake joined the FBI in hopes of one day discovering the truth behind the mysteries of her own past.
The past few years since joining the FBI, Blake has seen many gruesome and nightmare-inducing cases.
Now, she faces what may be the most grim and mysterious case of her career.
A case that will take her to Briar Glen.

Briar Glen is a sleepy and affluent town on the coast of Washington.
But this idyllic seaside town is far from what it appears to be.
As Blake digs deeper into the case to unravel the strange mystery behind the 3 female victims, she finds that little is as it seems.
People are not who they say they are, and there are killers that lurk in the shadows.
The more she learns about the town, the more she realizes that there is an evil darkness that underlies everything in this place.

This is a town built on blood and paid for with human lives.
There’s no playing it safe when you’re hunting monsters.
And there are so many here in Briar Glen that one false move could be Blake’s last. $3.99 on Kindle.

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