The Girl And The Secret Society

The Girl And The Secret Society

This is the bizarre and shocking case of Lakyn Monroe.
In the midst of filming her show, Lakyn Monroe vanished without a trace.
Four months have passed, and the unusual disappearance of the internet celebrity has garnered nationwide attention. With not a clue to the reasoning behind her disappearance, the beautiful girl with the world at her feet would soon become just another missing face.

It has been months since the horror of Windsor Island. FBI agent Emma Griffin has fully settled back in Sherwood. Balancing her time between the Bureau, the local police, and making sense of her ex-boyfriend’s mysterious death.

When her cousin Dean shows up for an impromptu visit and brings along a strange missing person’s case. One that he still can’t untangle, she’s willing to help him puzzle it out.
As they work together to uncover the truth behind what happened to Lakyn Moroe.
They get drawn into a string of murders and disappearances. Cases that seem unrelated, but as more clues are uncovered, more questions arise.

When the cases start to intertwine leading back to one man. A “disturbed and unstable” man that is fighting for his life against the executioner’s time. They start to discover the sinister secret behind Lakyn’s disappearance. Faced with an insurmountable opponent, they must fight against the clock to rescue the missing and save innocent lives.

Emma must not only uncover but expose the monsters lurking in the shadows.
As more is uncovered, a photo of a blonde woman throws Emma right back into her past.

Evil has many faces. This one you will never see coming. $3.99 on Kindle.

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