Free: Paranormal Nonsense

Paranormal Nonsense

Vampire-wannabes, a beautiful client and two Dachshunds that might poop in his shoes if their treat ration doesn’t improve. Can you solve the case or will you die laughing?

How much trouble can a typo cause? A lot, it turns out as the aspiring P.I. finds himself sucked into investigating paranormal creatures he doesn’t believe in.

Vampires, ghosts, and werewolves aren’t real, right?

He lives in Rochester, where the ancient architecture, cobbled streets, and brooding, castle-filled landscape breeds creatures in the shadows faster than darkness fills a corner. Everyone has a case for him it seems, but between his mother’s demands for grandchildren, the unsolicited advice of a deluded occult bookshop owner and the unhelpful help of his friends, he will have his work cut out just paying his bills.

Then she asks for his help. Lady cop Amanda Harper is everything he wants, and she wants his help to stop a killer. Dubbed ‘the vampire’ he has claimed three lives already and is unlikely to stop until someone stops him.

Determined to solve the case just so he can impress her, hoping he won’t dribble when he talks to her and trying really hard to ignore the thoughts coming from his trousers, you can expect mayhem to ensue as the notoriety of the case brings out vampire hunters that see him as a rival and vampire-wannabes that just want him dead.

It’s a hilarious headlong, fast-paced thrill ride to a finish you will never see coming. Free on buy now

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