Forging of a Knight

A battle against the forces of Those That Stand in Shadow brings an end to an old hero and a beginning for a new one. Together with a half-orcne thief named Glaive, a young warrior named Qualtan must battle through undead hordes, shape-shifting maugs, and more on his journey to become a knight. Along the way, he learns the world isnt as simple as he first thought. Good and evil are not always what they seem, close friends can be deadly enemies, and loyalty can sometimes be rewarded with treache... [Read More...]


A tale of four romances subverted by a central mystery which will keep you guessing until the last page. Across the tapestry of time, four love stories unfold, only to be inexorably twisted by a truth more extraordinary than anyone could imagine. Protagonists are plagued by strange dreams and progressively confronted with incidents they cannot explain. Links between their stories emerge, forcing increasingly extraordinary interpretations. And before long, they will each question the very nature... [Read More...]

Ranger Academy – Shadow of the Tyrant King

Jack Sawyer is a skinny boy with the agility of a giraffe on roller skates. Unnoticed at school, except for a trio of bullies, Jack trudges glumly through the year. Then he discovers he has special powers. To harness them, and evade dark forces alerted to his new abilities, Jack goes to Ranger Academy where he learns to make potions, race horses, track fierce creatures, and battle monsters. It will be the summer of a lifetime, if he survives! $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


Jessica Parker is smart, determined, and knows how to get things done. That’s great in her profession, but deadly when she unwittingly pushing the buttons of a rogue vampire. When several suspicious deaths occur in the small mountain town of Flagstaff, Jessica jumps at the chance to further her career by finding answers for her viewers. Liam McKenzie and his two brothers made Flagstaff their home several years ago. The town is quiet; the people are friendly and the population tends to be tran... [Read More...]

Top 20 Mystery Book Blogs

If you’re a mystery, thriller, spy or crime fiction author you’ve probably looked for blogs, at some point, that are willing to review your book. Mystery blogs not only offer editorial reviews, but they can also publish your guest posts, or even interview you. Getting your book reviewed by a good blog is just one piece in the larger  book promotion process. But it’s an important piece because avid readers in the mystery genre converge on blogs to find and discover new books. After sle... [Read More...]

The Cozy Mystery Genre

As the days become shorter and colder this winter, it’s the perfect time to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and a great book. With familiar characters, quaint settings, and a happy ending every time, you can escape from the busy holiday season with the perfect cozy mystery novel.   Common Elements of Cozy Mysteries Cozy mysteries, a sub-genre of the mystery genre, are well-named due to their common tropes and themes. In a cozy mystery, the protagonist is usu... [Read More...]

Techno-Thriller vs Sci-Fi: What’s the Difference?

New York Times bestselling author Blake Crouch excitedly told one writer that, “The techno-thriller will become the genre of the 21st Century.” He might not be wrong; techno-thrillers are thriving and selling well around the world, but they’re often mistakenly categorized as different genres. It’s not uncommon for readers, or even literary agents, to classify techno-thriller novels as other genres.
Distinctions Between Science Fiction and Techno-thrillers
Both of these genres have severa... [Read More...]