Top 20 Mystery Book Blogs

If you’re a mystery, thriller, spy or crime fiction author you’ve probably looked for blogs, at some point, that are willing to review your book. Mystery blogs not only offer editorial reviews, but they can also publish your guest posts, or even interview you. Getting your book reviewed by a good blog is just one piece in the larger  book promotion process. But it’s an important piece because avid readers in the mystery genre converge on blogs to find and discover new books.

After sleuthing through countless sites, we’ve compiled a list of the best mystery novel blogs where authors can submit their books for review. And where readers can dig in to reviews on mystery novels and discover new authors.

20 of the Best Mystery Novel Blogs

Book Reporter

book reporter

Book Reporter mainly reviews fiction bestsellers, new authors, contemporary fiction, historical fiction, mysteries, and thrillers. This blog sees over 100,000 monthly visitors, has a featured author page, hosts contests, and provides an easy submission process for book reviews.


The Reading Cafethe reading cafe blog

If you’re a newly published author, consider asking for a review on this site! Reviewers here prefer accepting books that have been published within the past 3 months, but the reviews can be posted on several online platforms, including Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Google Play, Bookbub, and Goodreads.


Book Geeksbook geeks

Along with creating high-quality book reviews to post on the Book Geeks blog, reviews are also shared via the company’s social media accounts. Reviewers are also happy to write and post author interviews.


For the Love of Wordslove of words blog

The review policy states that reviewers will be totally honest when determining book ratings, and all reviews will be posted with a 1-5 star rating on this site, Goodreads, and shared on Twitter and Facebook. This blog also features several lists that may intrigue mystery/thriller fans, including the “Stephen King Challenge”, NPR Top 100 Killer Thrillers, and NPR 100 Favorite Horror Stories.


Bewitched Bookwormsbookworm blog

This book review blog regularly gets 500-800 pageviews/day, and thousands of readers follow the blog’s social media pages. Reviewers on the site are willing to accept both eBooks and physical copies, and the blog is happy to host author interviews, blog tours, and contests. Review link


Crime Fiction Lovercrime fiction blog

This blog began as a hobby for two journalists, but now it has flourished into a haven for readers who have “turned to a life of crime” (fictionally, of course). Writers of crime fiction are welcome to submit review requests and advertising queries.


Crime by the Bookcrime fiction blog

This site reviews all types of mysteries, crime fiction, and thrillers. Unlike other sites, the review policy clearly states that it will accept novels from any publishing house, agent, or author. Avid bookworms will also love the social media accounts run by this blog, especially the aesthetically pleasing Instagram page!


The Suspense is Thrilling Me

suspense fiction blog

This site welcomes review requests, and even allows authors to request a specific reviewer. Authors may also inquire about doing an interview, creating a promotional post, or being featured on the blog’s Instagram page.


Under the Covers

romance and mystery book blog

Although this site is best known for its reviews of romance novels, it actually covers a wide range of genres, including mystery, thriller, and even sci-fi! Authors can request to have a certain reviewer write about their book, and the post will be shared on Goodreads, Shelfari, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.


The Book Review Cafebook review blog

Don’t let the pastel colors and pretty photos of this site throw you off! This blog is run by a reviewer with a love for psychological thrillers, crime fiction, and police procedurals. Reviews are shared on Twitter, Goodreads, Facebook, and within several Facebook groups.


Chillers, Killers, and Thrillersthriller book blog

This blog accepts any crime fiction and thriller novels in all types of formats. Only positive reviews are shared on the site, and authors are also welcome to request blog tours, guest posts, interviews, and giveaways.


Live and Deadly

horror book blog

Mysteries, horror novels, thrillers, and crime fiction reads are the most popular genres on this site. Reviews will be shared on Netgalley, Bookbridgr, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Waterstones.


Reviewing the Evidence

mystery novel blog

Founded in 2001, this is one of the longest-lasting blogs dedicated to reviewing crime fiction and mysteries. There are currently over 11,000 reviews posted on the site, all written by readers who genuinely enjoy the mystery genre.

Andrew Diamond’s Author Page

Mystery writer Andrew Diamond reviews 2 to 3 mystery and thrillers each month. The reviews are quite detailed and posted to the blog section of his site. For now, it looks like Diamond reviews books that he takes an interest in. That is, there’s no way to submit books for review. Diamond’s own books include the acclaimed Gate 76 and 6 other titles.

A Cozy Experiencecozy mystery blog

This site is dedicated to cozy mysteries and offers plenty of services to authors, including book reviews, a mystery blogger “support group”, social media assistance, and more!


Tea Cottage Mysteries
Tea Cottage Mysteries Blog

This blog is like a sweet little coffee shop and bookstore rolled into one. Book reviews and author interviews are posted frequently, along with dessert recipes and tea recommendations to enjoy during your next reading session!


Stop, You’re Killing Me!
stop you're killing me blog

This blog is dedicated to all fans of mystery, crime, thriller, spy, and suspense books. Since 2007, countless books have been reviewed and thousands of authors have been added to the site’s index. In addition, all new authors will be featured in the blog’s bi-monthly newsletter.

Raven Crime Reads

crime fiction blog

Created by a lifelong fan of crime fiction and bookseller, this blog has been up and running since 2012 to review novels, share the latest updates from mystery writers, and connect with other fans of the mystery genre.


Bodies in the Library
mystery library blog

Any crime fiction, detective novels, and thrillers are accepted, and the review policy states that all submitted works will be reviewed within 5 months after the reader receives a copy. The blog also features author interviews, events, and even some non-fiction crime reads.


Crime Time
crime time mystery book blog

Crime Time publishes author interviews, book reviews, guest posts, and more within the crime fiction genre.


New Mystery Reader

mystery reader maagzine

This site welcomes review requests, as well as your own reviews, short stories, articles, and other suggestions. Just keep in mind that readers of this blog prefer to read recently published mysteries or to get inside info on books that have not yet been released.




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