Awakening (Awake As A Stranger Trilogy Book 1)

What if YOU woke up living in someone else’s body? Alone and Afraid.

The night of Treaz’s 32nd birthday ended in a lonely, drunken stupor, an unnerving mysterious man staring into her bedroom window, and the waking up inside the body of a stranger a thousand miles from her home.

How did she get there? Whose body is she in?

Distraught and confused, she is admitted to a chilling psychiatric hospital. With no hope of escape, an unknown man suddenly arranges her discharge. He forces her into a new job that can only be accomplished by living in the bodies of complete strangers.

Each night she falls asleep wondering whose life she will be experiencing next.

Can she find a way out of this frightening nightmare?

Halfway around the world, Omani involuntarily works long hours for her oppressive uncle while remaining hostage on his remote Swiss compound. She is forbidden contact with the outside world.

Desperate and isolated, she risks deadly retaliation and finds a way to make a sole online friend, but his assertions are almost too much to believe.

Should she trust him?

The AWAKE AS A STRANGER trilogy follows the journey of Treaz and Omani. They reside on two different continents yet each are trapped in deplorable realities Treaz living within other peoples bodies and Omani being held captive on her uncles compound.

Both long to regain control over their lives, escape their merciless captors, and expose the haunting truths facing them and the world. Can they find freedom together? $0.99 on Kindle.
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