A fugitive from justice, an impossible mission, and a taste for murder Nail-biting? You’ll chew your fingers off! Wanted by the FBI and hiding out on a remote island in the Pacific, Peter Blake has an unwelcome visit. He’s been rumbled by a man who “trades in information” and the price for not being handed over to the authorities is to use his mountaineering experience to lead a team on a dangerous mission to recover a fallen satellite. If he fails, it will cost him his life. $0.99 on K... [Read More...]

Shore Lodge

Her grief threatened to swallow her whole. When a seed of betrayal plants a devastating truth, will blood prove thicker than vengeance? Jacklyn Stone is struggling to stay strong. Left bewildered by her husband’s death, the devastated widow feels her usually competent management over her garden shop sliding into chaos. So when her son and daughter suggest a brief vacation to help speed up her healing, she heads to the remote retreat… only to realize she can’t check out. With her skin craw... [Read More...]

Free: Dead Before Dinner

Green chile has never been more dangerous. Psychologist Maddie Swallows’ decision to return to New Mexico seemed like a good idea at the time, considering the divorce and her two teenagers she’d dragged along for the ride. But that was before the New Year’s Eve party she was guilt-tripped into attending. Before a member of the town council wound up dead and everyone at the party became a suspect. And before she was forced to unravel the secrets of her former hometown in order to clear her... [Read More...]

The Missing American

Private detective Edie Fox is more than a little suspicious when a wealthy American turns up to her cluttered backstreet office in Oxford, England, and hands her a bundle of cash to find his missing cousin. But not enough to turn down the deal. Yet she soon has more on her hands than she bargained for when an old flame enters her life, and the witnesses in her case start giving her the run-around. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]