Inspired by true events, this novel introduces you to the scion of one of the richest people in Eastern Europe.

An exciting thriller that immerses you in the lives of the wealthy and well-known, the world of fashion and crime, revealing the hidden truth of the situation in the countries beyond the Iron Curtain.

A story of the transition in a former communist republic through the prism of a human destiny. And what a destiny…

The main character falls victim to kidnappers. Shortly after he’s freed, he learns the shocking truth about the woman he loves. The unexpected turns in his life trigger his rebellion against the dominating figure of his father, and he launches a battle for his independence.

A thriller that transcends borders – Sofia, Dubai, Monaco, London, and the Italian mafia town of Cuore Nero are the stages for his experiences. One of the most influential Italian crime organizations becomes his ally in order to take advantage of the corruption and fragile banking system in the Balkans and create a money laundering scheme on an unprecedented scale.

Money, vanity, and sex become the young millionaire’s priorities, and drugs and alcohol – the salves for his wounds.

Will he save his soul by heeding the Eastern spiritual teaching that appears in his path, or will he leap into the abyss…
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