A Dark Crystal Curse

Magical Crystals, a Wicked Warlock, and a Lofty Death Cora has lived a quiet life up until a few days ago when she learned she comes from a long line of witches and her family is relying on her to complete the Trial of the Six Crystals and redeem the forgotten Lightheart name. The only problem is, Cora has no idea what it means to even be Magical. Thankfully, Cora has a crew. With the help of her cat Hades (who can now suddenly talk and has a lot to say) (like, a lot) and her new mentor Ali Kaz... [Read More...]

Free: Henry Halifax and the Tutori’s Cloak

The legend of the Tutori was something Henry Halifax had never imagined to be real – an ancient organization tasked with watching over the animal kingdom from the shadows. After a chance encounter with the elusive Tutori, Henry and his fiercely loyal dachshund quickly become entangled in a global pursuit that will demand courage at every turn. But courage only gets you so far and Henry must carefully navigate a web of treachery within the Tutori ranks if he’s going to survive onboard th... [Read More...]

SWARM – When Artificial Intelligence Decodes End Time Prophecy

GOLD Award winner: 2021 Reader’s Favorite Finalist for Book of the Year 2021: Independent Author Network KIRKUS Reviews (Industry Standard): “A riveting tale with globe-circling, cloak-and-cyber skulduggery and strong Bible code underpinnings. . . A grandly indulgent, globe-trotting narrative in the Dan Brown/Iris Johansen style. . . The novel brims with wild characters, exotic settings, a skillful embroidering of CNN headlines, and mind-blowing concepts.” “Swarm is a deftly... [Read More...]

No Way Out

A serial killer is terrifying Los Angeles. He kidnaps his victims to torture and eventually kill them after a thoroughly planned ritual. Now that another girl is missing, the clock is ticking. This is not only the biggest case of LAPD Detective Ray Collins, but also his most personal…can he catch the killer before another victim loses their life? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


When a mouthy consultant meets a gruff FBI agent, they team up to solve the worst serial murders in decades – but even with all their talents combined they seem outmatched. Dr. Percy Shatter is the best forensic, behavioral, and clinical psychologist, which probably says more about her than she ever could. She’s afraid of nothing in the real world, especially after personally interviewing every living serial killer between studying the rest. She’s faced evil and come out the other sid... [Read More...]

Free: Inspector Mage: The Hanging Priest

Even with all the excitement Julie experiences while chasing criminals alongside Russell, fear and danger lurk in every corner. Julie lived her entire life thinking she was the only Oseran with no Mage Gift. But after finally discovering she did have one, Julie and Russell use her ability to aid in solving crimes as independent investigators. Her ability to determine others’ Gifts helps the two of them catch the culprits—especially those who use their Gifts to commit crimes. While Julie... [Read More...]

Stealing Scrooge

Quincy Adams Caine is many things. Bookseller. Antiquarian. Reformed con artist. Well…mostly reformed. Once upon a time he was the world’s foremost trafficker in forged and stolen books and manuscripts. Then, in the middle of his criminal masterpiece, one of his partners made off with tens of thousands of dollars in first editions, and left Caine with nothing but a prison sentence. A quarter of a century later Caine is a respected Boston book dealer. But he hasn’t forgotten th... [Read More...]