Crush, an Erotic Thriller that Exposes the Secret Life of Katty

Some of us have two sides that define who we truly are as a person. Our  public identity, the life, and character that we show to family, coworkers, and neighbors. And then there is the shadow identity that we live out in secret…but what happens when the secret shadow identity becomes threatened with exposure? Welcome to the erotic mystery, Crush by author Jitka Moody.

As the reader, you are welcomed into the world of Crush as you observe the heroine of the story, Katty, preparing herself mentally and physically to take on the sultry alter-ego she named Angelina.

Angelina is an erotic video performer. An exotic woman with large breasts that tempted men in buying her erotic video services to please their own secret lives. However, everything is about to change for Katty and Angelina…

Katty has done everything in her power to keep her alter-ego Angelina separate, secret, and unknown to her friends, family, and coworkers. Her boss and coworkers would never suspect that there is a dark and sultry side to the boring woman they know as Katty.

That is until Katty gets a message on her private dating app from an anonymous and mysterious stranger threatening to expose Angelina to her boss if Katty doesn’t play the game this mysterious blackmailing stranger has in store for her.

Jitka Moody expertly weaves erotica with mystery and suspense. There is a natural ebb and flow through the story of Crush as Katty continues to juggle her day-to-day life while being the seductive Angelina that is the sexual fantasy for her secret clients. The story becomes more intriguing as Katty begins to dig into the mystery of the shadowy stranger that is attempting to blackmail her and expose her secret life, which incidentally she believes to be more her true self than Katty.

This erotic thriller is sexy and gets the heart pumping as the suspense keeps going deeper. While most erotica stories are written for the singular purpose of enticing the reader’s sexuality, Jitka Moody’s Crush has characters that you will care about and the depth you expect from a good novel. It also poses the question: Is a person’s secret self their most true self, and if so, what lengths is that person willing to go in order to preserve it? Or is a person’s true self only discovered when their public identity is forced to collide with their shadow identity?


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