Free: The Gryphon

A series of books following the dangerous misadventures of Griffin Mannock, a blind reclusive war veteran with extrasensory abilities. The Gryphon Found finds him homeless and on the radar of a London serial killer. In The Gryphon Home, he protects friends and family from unknown killers. In The Gryphon Down, he is betrayed, wanted dead or alive, fighting for his life. In The Gryphon Torn, paying back a favour is murder and is torn between saving a friend, changing the world or protecting his f... [Read More...]

Free: Miserable Lies

How many wrongs make a right? Deputy Chief Quentin “Port” Porter is famous for catching the infamous Magistrate Killer, Linus Cole, whose murder spree included his best friend and partner, Miles Tate. Port’s heroics caught the nation’s imagination, inspiring film and television, and skyrocketing his career while making him famous and wealthy. Just one problem — Port may have lied about a key element of the case to put Cole away for crimes he was sure he’d committed. Now, years later,... [Read More...]

Deadly Inheritance

Sometimes what you want most is what you left behind… After her cousin disappeared without a trace, Christina Wade left rural Vermont behind. Nearly a decade later she inherits the family’s historic inn that should have gone to the missing girl. Compelled to return to the place she intended to forget, she must decide whether to sell or run the family business. An old love lures her to stay as they rekindle their relationship, and she finds herself falling in love again with handsome Kevin M... [Read More...]

Time After Tyme

Mr. Tyme is dead, and strange, coded messages have been left in the chapel prayer box on the campus of Bellevue University. When amateur sleuths Kathryn and Cece attempt to decipher the codes, they begin to suspect foul play. But things get dicey when a couple of misguided young girls get wind of the investigation and decide to find the killer on their own. It’s bedlam in Bellevue! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Trust The Plan

An unnamed narrator embarks on a flight to Dallas to await the return of a dead president. The narrator’s mind slips into a dream-like state combining tales of conspiracies, a former friend turned serial killer, a detective mad at the world, and the mysterious entity named ‘K’ controlling his mind. In a rant against a society of fake news, the narrator’s mind can only keep trusting the plan whatever it might be. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Louisiana Longshot (A Miss Fortune Mystery, Book 1)

Miss Congeniality meets The Golden Girls in this hilarious mystery set in southern Louisiana. With a price on her head and a leak at the CIA, assassin Fortune Redding undertakes her most difficult mission ever…in Sinful, LA. Armed with her considerable skills and two ladies the locals dub The Geritol Mafia, Fortune decides to solve a murder. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]