The Spear of Vengeance

IF YOU LIVE FOREVER, WHAT DO YOU FEAR? In this action-filled speculative thriller, FBI agent Dan Alexander is assigned to protect virologist Dr. Amelia Cranford, his former fiancée, following an apparent terrorist attack. But they are unwittingly drawn into a centuries-old conflict between two powerful Immortals. One, a 2500-year-old madman, is hell-bent on destroying humanity. And at every step along the way, the other Immortal has fought from the shadows to save us. But now, the madman is re... [Read More...]

Free: Off Kilter

While mourning the tragic loss of his family, Collin Cook finds himself in a deadly game of cat and mouse with the nefarious cyber terrorist Pho Nam Penh. Collin’s insurance settlement has made him a target. His grief has made him unstable. His friends, including the NSA’s top cybercrime expert Lukas Mueller, have given him a chance at survival. Will it be enough? Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Mary Finch and the Grey Lady

“THIS IS THE DAY WE AWOKE DEATH,” Mrs Grady said. Meet fourteen-year-old Mary Finch – a bold, determined heroine, and the star of a stylish new detective series. Book two of the Mary Finch Victorian Maid Mysteries sees Mary confront the ghost of the Grey Lady. If she is to save her mistress, she must discover the truth before it it’s too late. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Brandon Hall Mysteries – Books 1 – 4

Brandon Hall is drawn back into his previous life as a private investigator with an explosive first case! Murder at Cluster Springs Raceway – Virginia Senator Gregory Schilling’s son died in a fiery crash on a racetrack. But was it an accident? Or murder? Only Brandon Hall can figure this one out. But he’s still recovering from the death of his 2 year old son at the hands of a drunk driver. Will he learn to rely on God to get him through his grief while trying to find justice for a yo... [Read More...]

Free: Welcome To The Family: Blood In, Blood Out (The Morris Crime Family Book 1)

Joining a crime family seemed like easy money for his sick sister but the life of a made man is fraught with danger as Roger will soon learn. His life will descend into a whirlwind of blood, sin, and chaos. To make matters more complicated, the boss’s obsessive daughter has her sights set on him ... [Read More...]


Described as ‘beautifully written’ by one reviewer, ‘raw and beautiful’ by another, and awarded a Badge of Excellence, LOSS is a compelling and highly charged story that uses the evocative backdrop of the Scottish Highlands to explore the redemptive power of relationships and the limits of humanity against a chilling backdrop of mystery and suspense. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Sovereign Assassin

In the tiny European country of Tantalia, Princess Niobe is coming of age and being groomed to ascend to the throne. Shortly she will become Queen. Secretly however, from the age of sixteen, the Princess has been trained by her martial arts instructor, Gethan, to kill the businessman responsible for her parent’s deaths. Once queen, she will have ‘sovereign immunity’ and be free to kill without prosecution. Niobe strikes, but unbeknownst to her, one of her kills is caught on video and s... [Read More...]