Black Mariah

Black Mariah

After a team member succumbs to a fatal respiratory infection, Chris Rake is forced to sail his research team upriver through dense Nicaraguan jungle in search of help. Instead of medicine, they find a deserted village still-smoldering from the fire of a mass grave and one survivor: a young blind girl too in shock to explain what’s happened to her people. Down one man and with a vessel unfit for sailing, the team sets out on foot with the girl in tow. A plane crash in the middle of the night sends Chris and his team to investigate another horrific scene where again they find only one survivor—a Nicaraguan woman named Maria.

When a survivor of the blind girl’s village is the next to perish, Chris’s suspicions demand answers. But when Chris confronts Maria and demands to know who she is and what she knows, Maria has a question of her own: who is he, and what was he doing so deep in the Nicaraguan jungle? $2.99 on Kindle.

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