The Arrogant Wolf

The Arrogant Wolf

A murder on a boulevard of Los Angeles turns out to be life-changing for Jared Walker, the senior detective of the LAPD. When he makes his first move on the blowhard killer and makes him run from his apartment, the killer makes a comeback with mind-boggling games to take revenge.

The serial killer is an arrogant genius who can’t think of anyone more quick-witted than himself. Instead of hiding, he bemuses and boldly challenges the police. In between the games, it is revealed that the killer has an accomplice.

Not even a ten-year-old is safe from the sadistic killer…

After the murder of a district judge in his secure community, the pressure intensifies for Walker and the police force to capture the cruel psychopath before another falls prey to his games.

The psychological twists baffle every mind…

The Arrogant Wolf is the first book in Jared Walker Series. Its ingenious strategies and plot twists will amaze your mind, chapter after chapter. Combining mystery, crime, and psychological thriller, to say this book is “gripping” is an understatement.

In a strategic game between an egoistic serial killer and a determined detective, who will come out victorious? $2.99 on Kindle
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