Must-Read Paranormal Mystery Series

If you enjoy suspenseful thrillers with paranormal twists, mystery author Joyce Kostakis should definitely be on your radar. Kostakis has taken the detective fiction genre to the next level with stories full of paranormal encounters, supernatural capabilities, and dramatic twists and turns that will keep you on the very edge of your seat.

Walk-In Investigations: Streaming Sarah

Streaming Sarah is Kostakis’ debut novel in her Streaming Souls Psychic Detective Mystery series. Reviewers found the book so compelling that it’s currently being adapted for film by Planet Muzick Studios. If you prefer to read stories before watching their film adaptations, check this novel out soon!

The book opens by introducing us to homicide detective Katie Hanson. After Hanson’s suicide attempt put her into a coma, she awoke with the newfound capability to communicate with the spirit world. When victims of unsolved murders begin to haunt Hanson, she becomes determined to bring justice to the souls that only she can see. With additional help from psychic communicators, Hanson learns how to stream the previous lives of deceased individuals, but she quickly discovers that the dead can be just as deceitful as the living.

Streaming James

In the second installment of the Streaming Souls Psychic Detective Mystery series, Katie Hanson decides to leave her role as a homicide detective. She and her psychic friend, Vicki, open their own firm dubbed the Third-Eye Detective Agency. Determined to solve a decades-old cold case, Hanson attempts to stream the consciousness of a philanthropist who was brutally murdered, but the spirit doesn’t allow her to channel his past life. Frustrated and confused, Hanson has to dig deeper to figure out why someone wouldn’t want their own murderer to be brought to justice. In doing so, Hanson will have to face her own hidden demons and painful memories.

Both books offer a thought-provoking ,

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