Free: The Ghost Suspect

Mitch Turner’s client is going to jail for murder. It is now just a matter of negotiating a plea bargain, something his client refuses to do. As a final request for his client, he agrees to interview one last potential witness. The moment he steps into the witness’s home, he begins to suspect that the man is insane. Then the witness claims that a ghost murdered the victim. Going against his better judgment, Mitch Turner investigates the only real-world possibility, thinking it will go nowhe... [Read More...]

Little Girl Lost

For the past two years, Georgiana “Gigi” Germaine has been living off the grid, until today, when she hears some disturbing news that shakes her. Georgiana’s brother-in-law has been murdered, her seven-year-old niece kidnapped. As the hours waste away, Georgiana races back to a town she left behind, and a former life she’s still not ready to face. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Forty Days at Kamas

Inspired by a labor camp revolt in Solzheitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago, FORTY DAYS AT KAMAS portrays political prisoners and officials during a revolt in 2024 Utah. KAMAS offers a stirring portrait of a man determined to survive under the bleakest of conditions and against formidable odds while raising fundamental questions about America’s future. ... [Read More...]

Free: Deadly Spells and a Southern Belle

Escape to Witch’s Forge, a magical town tucked deep in the heart of Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains. Only Witch’s Forge isn’t a supernatural paradise—here spells backfire, kudzu bites and magic is broken. That is, until Charming Calhoun arrives. Charming has everything a Southern Belle could ask for—a thriving matchmaking business and great employees. But when one of her employees goes missing in Witch’s Forge, she quickly realizes there’s something sinister afoot. Once she arrives,... [Read More...]

Free: Ekleipsis

Ékleipsis is a short story collection that explores the havoc wreaked when ordinary people abandon their humanity to pursue their darkest desires, and questions just how far people will go to follow their baser instincts. Each story takes a version of a person we’ve known in our own lives and transforms them into something completely unnerving—yet all too familiar. These dark, complex characters and twisted tales of the once ordinary will change your perception of humanity forever. Free on ... [Read More...]

Betrayal in Black

Pulled over in America? When you’re white, you might get a ticket. When you’re black, you might end up dead. In a fictional Michigan town, a man is pulled over by the local police. The driver wonders: “What did I do wrong?” The officer asks for I.D.; the driver casually mentions he legally carries a gun. The officer panics—confusion reigns—shots ring out—an innocent man lays bleeding to death and the incident is captured on video. The shooting becomes the national headline... [Read More...]