The Interview: Country on Fire

The Interview: Country on Fire

As protests, riots, fires, and rampant crime rock the world, Shawn Thomas finds himself in an interview room the morning after the most violent night in Atlanta’s history. APD Detective Vaughn has made it his mission to find out how things escalated the way they did, but when his questioning takes a turn down a dark, unexpected path, Thomas scrambles to tell a believable story. It doesn’t take long for Thomas to realize that he’s playing tug-of-war in his own mind and his fear of being caught is suddenly outweighed by his fear of finding out who he really is.

Lazarus’ psychological thriller, The Interview: Country on Fire, takes a look at current events like the BLM and ANTIFA protests and examines the mind of a man in his struggle to belong to something bigger than himself, something important and historical. The Interview delves deep into Shawn Thomas’ mind and memories to find answers, but the result is nothing but more questions and confusion. And just as the suspense seems to end and the truth is finally revealed, the response turns deadly. $2.99 on Kindle.

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