Free Cozy Mystery Books on Kindle

Free up, reading a mystery novel

Cozy mysteries feature enough suspense and action to satisfy any amateur detective, but their cute settings, relatable heroines, and cheerful undertones make these books more fun to read than gritty crime thrillers or police procedurals. If you’re cooped up in your home, browse through these free cozy mystery stories to find the perfect novel to help you pass the time!

50 Free Cozy Mysteries on Kindle

Most cozy mysteries share some basic similarities in the way they’re structured. In these books, the “detective” is typically a woman who lives in a small town setting. She may be a baker, writer, bookstore owner, or a range of other professions. Using her own savviness and cleverness, she picks up on different clues throughout the book, typically solving the case before the police and other professionals.

That being said, cozy mysteries can come in a variety of flavors. Cozy mysteries with sweets or treats may feature a confectioner or baker. Mysteries with a paranormal twist may feature supernatural creatures or a witch as the heroine. The following 50 Kindle books are completely free to download and organized by cozy mystery subgenres so you can easily find one that strikes your fancy. Enjoy!

Free General Cozy Mysteries

Free Sweets and Treats Cozy Mysteries

Free Paranormal Cozy Mysteries

Free Cozy Mysteries with Witches

If you’d like more reading material, follow this link to view all of the current cozy mystery books that are listed for free on the Kindle store!

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