The Root Chakra Solution: The Revolutionary New Path to Abundance, Security and Love

The Root Chakra Solution: The Revolutionary New Path to Abundance, Security and Love

Effortlessly attract abundance, security and love with the unique set of tools offered in THE ROOT CHAKRA SOLUTION.

Have you found it difficult to attract the abundance you dream of? Do unexpected setbacks make you wonder if you’ll ever achieve your dreams? Are you sometimes thrown off course despite your best intentions? If you are ready to step into the flow of abundance and live a life full of security and love, this book offers you a powerful yet simple system to open to all the good that’s flowing your way.

The ancients have long known that we are physical beings living within an energy body (not the other way around!). The chakras are vortexes in our energy system. How the energy flows through that system is affected by many things, including your personal history, your physical health, and even ancestral karma. But how can you affect something you can’t see? And how can you know you’re on the right path.

With effective techniques you can start to put in place right this moment, without the need for fancy props or trips to far-flung places, THE ROOT CHAKRA SOLUTION gives you a powerful tool in your path to abundance.

In her NYC-area practice, spiritualist and Earth-tradition priestess Belinda Broome has uncovered secrets for stepping into the slipstream of abundance, where wealth and success are just a few simple techniques away. Do you want to uncover treasured techniques for money magic? Do you want it all to stop feeling so hard and step effortlessly into the flow? In this book, acclaimed author Belinda Broome presents an exclusive system for opening to abundance and inviting money into your life. A comprehensive set of tools that pull from many disciplines, you’ll find herbal solutions, spells and chants, affirmations, plus a proprietary method to uncover and create the affirmations that most effectively turbocharge your progress. This volume empowers you not just to invite all in the money you dream of, but everything that makes you feel safe and loved.

A powerful punch packed into a quick read you’ll want to reference again and again as you embark on your new journey to effortless abundance. $5.99 on Kindle.

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