Flight of the Forgotten: A True Story of Heroism and Betrayal

Flight of the Forgotten is the true story of one of the most closely-guarded American military secrets of all time. It is predicated on the author’s other-worldly experience in his all-out effort to solve a fifty-year-old aviation mystery. This book is a living memorial to the Jack B. Ketchum Crew and the author’s late uncle, the crew’s tail-gunner. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Darkwater Lies

Adelaide Fountaine, general manager of the Darkwater Inn, has just returned to New Orleans from a six-month sabbatical in Europe. She’s rested and ready to take on the inn’s busiest season: Mardi Gras. But Adelaide hardly has time to unpack before a jewel heist interrupts a visit from foreign royalty. A priceless tiara goes missing from the hotel’s safe, and three people are left dead. Detective Beau Savoie discovers the robbery was an inside job, making everybody at the Darkw... [Read More...]

Free: How I Destroyed a Famous YouTuber Within a Few Hours (Confessions)

I ran to the latrines and hid in one of them waiting for all the students to leave. I closed the door and cried so hard that my tears dried up. I felt like time had stopped, but had to wait until the storm calmed down. I only went out after I was sure that the school was completely empty. On my way home I decided that would be my last day there and that I will never go back again. I had suffered enough and I couldn’t handle any more drama. ... [Read More...]

Free: All Things Considered

After a nasty, late-night argument, Ryn Davis and her rock-star lover go to bed mad. An insomniac, she takes a single melatonin to sleep and to escape the downward spiral of her life. When she wakes and finds her lover shot to death, she must face police suspicions she’s lying about sleeping through the lethal gunshots. The more she denies the accusations, the more she wonders if she is guilty. ... [Read More...]

Serial Wives

How far would you go to protect your child? Cora loves her convict husband despite – or because of – his bad boy ways. But now that he’s back in her life, she has their daughter to consider. Is a faulty father better than no father at all? Why would a rich girl become a prostitute? Three years ago Joy refused to sleep with an ex-boyfriend. When he committed suicide, her guilt was enormous. To punish herself she opted to serve as a prostitute for three years. A serial killer mu... [Read More...]

When the Clock Strikes Fourteen (A Blake Meyer Thriller – Book 4)

Supervisory Special Agent Blake Meyer is still attempting to locate a contagion designed to send America to the Dark Ages. In the midst of this mission, Blake’s enemies are becoming trusted allies. His allies are becoming lethal enemies. And as payment for fifteen years of pent up revenge, his family, abducted from their home, are in the hands of human traffickers…a gift to Blake Meyer from the mastermind behind the entire ordeal. In this series, the bad guys want a new world. One f... [Read More...]