Smoke & Mirrors

Grace Ashby wakes to the sound of a horrifying scream. She races down the hallway, finding her mother’s lifeless body on the floor in a pool of blood. Her mother’s boyfriend Hugh is hunched over her. At first glance, it seems Hugh is to blame, but is Hugh really her mother’s killer? As revelations about Caroline Ashby’s secret life unfold, private detective Sloane Monroe takes the case, but it won’t take long to find the killer. He’s been watching, carefully ... [Read More...]

Free: Dead and Breakfast

Dead In Bed! Who You Gonna Call? Good Catholic school girl that she is, Brandy Alexander’s a true and trusted friend, not to mention something of a detective. So when Brandy’s best friend Julia, the ex-stripper-turned hotelier, finds her first guest covered in blood, lying half on and half off a broken bed, with Julia’s panties swinging from the chandelier, she gets Brandy on the horn. Cool-hand Brandy assesses the situation, and carries out the only sensible course of action: first she m... [Read More...]

The Girl Who Cheated Death: A Supernatural Suspense Thriller

Alexandra Drummond cheated death once. To bring her family back to life, she’ll have to do it again. Standing in her way is the terrifying Azrael, the angel of death. He haunts her dreams and follows her everywhere she goes. In order to save them she must risk everything, which could mean giving Azrael what he’d been after all along, her own soul. $3.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

My Very First Murder

The narrative is a confession to the murder of an unnamed person who, it is alleged, was a total stranger to the perpetrator. The glory-seeking author claims to have committed an undetectable crime, but are they telling the truth? The storyline leaves little doubt that the homicide portrayed could have actually occurred. An intriguing question is put to the reader: “Is a confession a confession if it is impossible to identify its author?” Who is this storyteller, who delights in toying with... [Read More...]

Dangerous is the Game

With nothing left to live for, Inspector Sullivan accepts the most dangerous assignment a cop can have. He goes undercover to help break up a human trafficking ring. Reeling from guilt and loss, Sullivan dives into his undercover role of enforcer for the local mob in Brill City on the planet Minaria Prime. Alcohol and violence quickly become Sully’s only friends. What starts out as a straightforward undercover job turns into a case filled with political intrigue, serial killers, and a galaxy-... [Read More...]