Frontier Outlaws: A Coogan Mystery

Months after nearly losing his life, Danny Coogan, a Montana Fish and Game Officer, faces a new threat. It starts with a dead steer. Which happens to be near the body of a dead rancher. With the flavor of a down-home yarn and the intensity of a high adventure, FRONTIER OUTLAWS offers fans a thrilling ride that delivers a bronco-busting punch in the end. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Spy from Palestine

British-controlled Palestine, 1947. Teeming with murders and treachery. Here prize-winning American war journalist, Charly Lawrence, and her lover, Jonas Shaw, ex-Churchill bodyguard and spy, arrive on a dangerous mission: amid this scrap of desert, fought over for centuries, find a Jewish survivor of a notorious WWII Nazi massacre in Europe. Then interview her for a scoop for her struggling London-based newspaper. Little do these worldly travelers realize the life-threatening danger and plotti... [Read More...]

The Secret Between Them

Sage Witten’s dream of a fairy-tale marriage turns into a nightmare when she discovers she’s being watched. At 23, she thought she knew her millionaire investor husband, Braxton, but the more she learns, the more she realizes she’s married to a stranger. A chilling encounter with her stalker forces Sage to question everything, even her trust in Braxton. Haunted by fear, Sage decides to leave her Atlanta home and return to Foister, OK, where her best friend Gia’s engageme... [Read More...]

No More Secrets and Lies: A MJ Lange Mystery

When psychotherapist, MJ Lange, decides to go back to work after a harrowing, near fatal death experience, she takes on a young client who brings secrets and lies along with him, making it almost impossible for her to manage his treatment properly. Unbeknownst to her, this young man came with a dark secret he kept hidden which was only revealed after he came upon the slaughter of his two roommates one morning when he returned home from his night shift, sending him into shock and ultimately reve... [Read More...]

Free: A Dish Best Served Cold

When author and amateur sleuth Victoria Rienzi and her family host a 75th anniversary celebration at the Casa Lido, the party gets crashed twice once by down-on-his-luck family friend Pete Petrocelli, and then by a seasonal hurricane, leaving much of Oceanside Park without power. When the lights come back on, a drunken Pete is the only casualty of the storm, found face down in the flooded carousel house on the boardwalk. As Victoria digs deeper into Pete’s death, she uncovers a missing fa... [Read More...]

The Vatican Dictator

Father Mario Marino is your average, unsuspecting priest in Rome. But when he is tasked with digitizing the Vatican’s Secret Archives, he stumbles upon a revelation that shakes the very core of his faith: A hidden journal penned by Pope Pius XII exposes his secret manipulation of Adolf Hitler’s ascent to power, revealing a clandestine control over the Nazi regime that could redefine history. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Where the Light Shines Through: An Olivia Penn Mystery

A shocking murder. Family secrets revealed. Her life will never be the same. Olivia Penn is looking forward to visiting her father while spring is in bloom in her beautiful hometown of Apple Station, Virginia. Her plans to enjoy a week of relaxation with her friends and family vanish, though, when a mysterious murder occurs within hours of her arriving home. When a body is found at an abandoned manor house, and the police accuse her childhood friend of the crime, Olivia searches for the evidenc... [Read More...]