Bangkok Series: Espionage Mysteries by Stephen Shaiken

Before Stephen Shaiken became an author, he spent 3 decades working as a criminal defense lawyer. His career led him around the globe from Florida to California to Thailand and beyond, giving him unique insights into the global fight against crime. If you’re searching for a heart-pounding crime thrille, look no further than Shaiken’s unforgettable books!

Bangkok Shadows

American criminal defense lawyer Glenn Murray Cohen moved to Bangkok in an attempt to start over, but leaving his old life behind is more difficult than he expected. After 7 years of enjoying a luxurious lifestyle in the heart of Thailand, Glenn gets a rude awakening from American investigators who need his help with a dangerous mission. As Glenn sinks back into his old career, he finds himself in a complex web of corruption and crime throughout the city of Bangkok. The more he learns about the case, the more he’ll have to trust the members of the mysterious NJA Club, who all have their own shocking secrets to hide.

Bangkok Whispers

A year after Glenn Murray Cohen and his friends from the NJA Club successfully accomplished a dangerous international mission, they falsely assumed their lives would go back to normal. However, when Glenn recognizes a con artist’s antics wreaking havoc in Bangkok, he finds himself digging back into the dark criminal underworld that’s full of drug dealers, spies, and professional hitmen. The NJA Club is in for another suspenseful journey to put an end to the harm being done to their city… before it’s too late.

Shaiken’s Bangkok mystery series currently consists of two novels. While you await more books in the series you find his short stories, blog posts, and novellas on his website.


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