Scramble: A Perfect Recipe For Math, Murder, and Revenge

Scramble: A Perfect Recipe For Math, Murder, and Revenge

This genre-bending urban thriller tells the story of three residents of St. Louis as they fight their way to a better life. Little do they know that one fateful night, their destinies will converge when they all have a craving for Della’s special-order eggs… and no one will ever be the same.

Le’Angelo Brooks’ parents died at the hands of a drunk driver. When his parents’ killer, Rogan Stone is released for good behavior, Lee becomes hell-bent on revenge despite warnings from his older brother, Jonas, and his wise-but-nosy neighbor, Neru.

When Ava Minnow’s day at work is interrupted by her gifted son Dazzo’s refusal to control his tongue, she shows up at his school to whup him. She is is a strong single mom who believes in the power of the belt, and will do anything to make sure her son has a good upbringing. Desperation strikes when an unpaid loan has deadly consequences for her family.

Dr. Clark Watson, principal at Happy Canyon Elementary School, believes the only way to save his community is through education. And he’s willing to kill for his principles. In addition to hunting down derelict past students, he is determined to stop Osbourne, a prominent drug lord in the city of St. Louis, from running for public office.

Lee, Ava, and Dr. Watson all have a taste for Della’s special-order eggs and the wise counsel she serves up at the Waffle Diner. Will their cravings and desire for a better life prove fatal for all three when their paths cross on the night the Waffle Diner burns to the ground? $0.99 on Kindle.

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