Mystery and More from Author Wes Snowden

It’s rare to find a great genre-blending book, and even rarer for a writer to have the skills to craft solid stories in multiple genres. If you’re interested in mystery books (or romance and historical fiction) the multifaceted novels by Wes Snowden might take you on the adventure you’re looking for.

Author Wes Snowden has been described as “a born storyteller,” who began writing books for children and young adults before dedicating his time to full-length novels for adults. His fictional works include a mix of mystery, romance, and suspense that transport you into other peoples lives.

One Last Move

Doctor Lawrence Rosewood’s life is rapidly turned upside down when his business partner suddenly commits suicide and a group of shady criminals attempts to take over his business. Doctor Rosewood’s love life and friendships are on shaky ground, but with the help of a new patient with a rare genetic condition, Doctor Rosewood is inspired to defend his organization and bring the criminals to justice. But will he have the determination to reach his goals? Or do his enemies already have the upper hand?


Maxwell Muggs is a former gambling addict who now works as a successful investigative journalist in New Mexico. When Maxwell begins to follow the story of a series of destructive, deliberate fires, his keen detective skills lead him closer and closer to danger. There’s a serial killer and a maniac arsonist lurking in the shadows, and it’s only a matter of time before the murderer strikes again. Will Maxwell be able to get to the bottom of these heinous crimes, or will he become the killer’s next victim?

White Swan Wishes

On an unassuming September day, young Michael Grayson and Signet Bergeron happen to meet near the shores of a calm New England lagoon, and the two quickly fall in love. The couple believes their relationship is meant to be, but Signet’s family is hiding a dark secret that could put her very life in danger. The pair is attacked on New Year’s Eve, and Michael jumps in front of a bullet intended to hit Signet’s father, Jacques. Despite this bold gesture, Jacques takes Signet far away to Buenos Aires to hide from the enemies that tried to kill him.

Will the couple ever be reunited, or will Signet’s dark family secrets prevent them from ever seeing one another again?

Zachary’s Gold

When Chaplain William Teller witnessed a cruel murder of an unarmed prisoner in World War I, his life completely changed. In his attempts to rescue the dying man, William himself was shot by the unhinged British soldier, Lester Groggins. After nearly dying from his wounds, William testified against Groggins, who vowed to get revenge on the chaplain. Chasing William and his wife across entire countries, Groggins is determined to put an end to their lives once and for all.

On Distant Shores

In the mid-1800s, young Jonathon Flynn endures a long series of challenges and tormentors after a devastating storm tears through his home on a small Irish island. His entire family was lost to the storm, but Jonathon barely had time to grieve before the cruel Lord Cavanaugh sentenced the young boy to death. After narrowly escaping with the help of a family priest, Jonathon leaves on a ship to Boston, hoping to start fresh in America.

However, Jonathan’s misery follows him long after he leaves his Irish home, and he continues to be met with relentless mental and physical pain for years to come. Jonathon’s life was tragic, but a century later, one of his descendants learns about his past and could finally bring justice to his ancestor.

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