Free: Habitat Zero

In the Pacific Ocean, a Silicon Valley magnate vacationing on his luxury motor yacht Carpe Diem, stumbles across a floating island of pumice. Two weeks later, the motor yacht returns to its home port in San Diego on autopilot – but when it arrives, nobody disembarks. Sam Reilly and his team are called in to investigate what happened on board Carpe Diem. But what at first appears to be a simple boating accident soon turns into a deadly game of international intrigue – sending America and Rus... [Read More...]

Twenty Seconds….and Other Psychological Dramas

These are psychological dramas about people facing real challenges in their lives. From an International Crisis to fighting nasty bullies. A young child growing up without parents in a new country, an older person trying to look after a much loved but now limited partner. An experienced professional being opposed by an assertive but incompetent predecessor. A young man using his skills in a futuristic competition, but is the prize money worth what he might lose. You will feel emotionally touche... [Read More...]

Free: Cozy Up to Blood: A novel about an Island, a Cat, Knitting, and Vampires

What if THE SONS OF ANARCHY crashed a TWILIGHT fan convention? That is the hilarious premise for COZY UP TO BLOOD, the third book in the “Cozy Up” series. Action, suspense, and laughs ensue when our favorite former outlaw must hide in a coastal Oregon town. ... [Read More...]

The Poseidon Files

In The Poseidon Files Artist and psychic Naomi Richards suddenly finds herself in an perilous situation when top secret files exposing a plot to weaponise the weather is inadvertently passed to her by a whistle-blowing scientist. What follows is a trail of intrigue and menace on the streets of Liverpool and Snowdonia in which the supernatural plays a part. ... [Read More...]