Leif J. Erickson Thriller Bundle: Time Vacation – Hidden Trails – Cerrado – Beta Troops

Leif J. Erickson Thriller Bundle: Time Vacation - Hidden Trails - Cerrado - Beta Troops

Hidden Trails

In the depths of the forest, along the hidden trails, the girls find an abandoned city with a strange orphan girl living there. After her parents died the teenager ran away to the city and began work to fix up some of the buildings. She agrees to help Jennifer and her friends find the guys but as they begin the search, the girls realize that something far more sinister is being hidden in the forest. One by one, the girls discover what happened to the guys, and learn that some things that are hidden are never meant to be found.


Krispin Risdell has always looked to the stars, praying that one day he will leave his family’s simple farm and set off on a life changing adventure. When he discovers that the woman of his dreams, Holly Porter, has received a marriage proposal from another man, Krispin has no choice but to spring into action. Holly agrees to marry the man who has the grandest adventure so Krispin sets out to travel the world. On his way he meets a strange princess from the magical land of Cerrado, and together, Krispin and the princess must stop a dark evil from returning before it consumes both worlds.

Beta Troops

When a group of freedom fighters led by Two Doctors; Doctor Monte Prowl and Doctor Chas Kent, discover a way to defeat the Alpha troops, and where the location of the formula to manufacture the protein is, they launch a desperate attempt to free the country from the Ross Empire. With spies everywhere, and no way to trust anyone, the doctors must use their skills to fly under the radar to disrupt the emperor and his killers. $0.99 on Kindle
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